The biggest mistakes most parents make when growing a child

Being a parent is difficult and it is normal to make mistakes, even if we do our best to avoid them. Often, we don’t even realize we do them, but they can affect how the child grows and develops – especially in terms of his personality or mental health.

You don’t teach your child to be responsible from an early age
Many parents underestimate their children, but they are more capable than they seem. You shouldn’t think that your baby has enough time to learn to take care of him, because you risk making him dependent on you. Teach him things appropriate to his age, but in a fun way.

You don’t extend the freedom of the child as it grows
Although you enjoy when the child is growing up, you are afraid to give him more freedom. However, this can greatly affect their social life and development. Learn to extend his freedom as it grows, but without exaggerating.

You don’t allow the child to make mistakes
No one in the world is perfect, especially a child. Allow him to make mistakes and show him how he can learn lessons from them.

You don’t discuss with him difficult topics
What are the changes that puberty brings, where do children come from, what do you feel when you fall in love, how should you behave with a person you like? Sooner or later, the child will learn all this from colleagues, friends or even from the internet. Make sure you will provide them this information.

You don’t listen to your child
Maybe the little one is complaining about his colleagues harassing him, a teacher who is too harsh. Maybe he confesses that he fell in love, or he can tell you that he is always sad. Always listen to your child, without assuming that he is exaggerating or that he has no feelings about his age.

You don’t allow the child to have free time
The little one should know how to swim, play an instrument, learn a foreign language … All these activities are really positive, but don’t fill the child’s program until the refusal. Allow him to have free time, in which to do what he wants.

You neglect your partner
Many parents tend to pay too much attention to their child and end up ignoring the couple’s relationship. Try to spend more time for pleasant moments with your partner so that the relationship doesn’t deteriorate.

You neglect yourself
Before you were a mother and a wife you were an individual with your own needs and desires – don’t forget this! Make time for yourself a few times a day or at least a few times a week, just for you.

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