This daily habit will boost your intelligence

We all want to be smarter and find the right solutions for any problem, no matter how difficult it is. If some people have intelligence above average, others can have some tricks to increase it without making a considerable effort.

The findings of scientists manage to surprise us every time. A common habit that a lot of people already have, brings a number of benefits to the brain, enhancing intelligence.

The habit that has the ability to make people smarter is the consumption of chewing gum. Although there are studies that talk about its harmful effects, some research has revealed that chewing gum can increase concentration power by improving neuronal activity. Not only it gives you fresh breath, it cleans the teeth and can inhibit appetite, but now chewing gum is also seen as an effective trick to enhance intelligence.

Thus, scientists have the opinion that people with this habit can have a higher level of intelligence, managing to solve some tasks more quickly. However, specialists highlight that chewing gum has a high sugar content, which is a health hazard and can cause a lot of inconvenience to the body.

How to know if your hair straightener is expired

Although you will not find a fixed date on the hair straightener, this device has a shelf life. When you use a hair straightener for a long time, your hair may suffer. Some signs can help you realize that you need to quit using the old hair styling tool and buy a new one.

Hair straightening is the way most women use when they want a perfect hairstyle and get ready quickly. In order to get the best results, women use a hair straightener, a tool that is present in almost every home.

Did you know that your hair straightener has a shelf life?
Perhaps you have never thought the hair straightener has a shelf life, but this is as real as possible. If you bought such a device many years ago and it still works, then you should consider the main signs that show you that the device you are using can affect your hair.

Although it still works, the hair straightener should be replaced when you have to place it over the hair several times to make it perfectly straight.

A hair straightener that works properly should emit a light to indicate when the temperature is the correct one. If the light turns off and lights up several times when using the hair straightener, this indicates a malfunction, which means that the hair device fails to keep a constant temperature, and the risk of the hair getting burned is very high.

From now on, take into consideration these signs. If you notice any little problem and you know you have used the device for at least 2 years, maybe it’s time to look for a new one.

Never forget that this device is destroying your hair. I will advise you to spend your money wisely, and instead of buying a new hair straightener, buy some quality products to nourish your hair.

6 Reasons why you should take cold showers every day

A cold shower seems to be a good idea only in the hot summer days, which is why many people almost can’t imagine doing it every day. Perhaps you have never thought of changing your habits and using cold water instead of hot water when you take a bath, but this can influence your life in a positive way. Here’s why you should take cold showers daily.

Cold showers, which don’t last too long, can give the body plenty of benefits. This method is frequently used among athletes to recover after a heavy exercise program. Cold showers can also have a positive impact at the psychological level.

Why should you take cold showers daily?

If you’re serious about including your cold showers in the daily routine for 3-4 minutes, then you need to know what benefits they have for the body.

1. Reduce inflammation
Cold water manages to redirect blood from peripheral areas to deep blood vessels. Thus, a cold shower can improve blood circulation and has the ability to reduce inflammation in the body.

2. Maintain alert status
Low water temperature affects breathing. During cold showers, you will breathe deeply, thus a higher amount of oxygen gets in the brain, which means that the feeling of drowsiness quickly disappears and the alert state is installed.

3. Burn the fats
Because it influences metabolism, cold showers can burn fat faster. These showers can thin the waist and adjust the level of sugar in the blood.

4. Increase immunity
Although people tend to run away from cold to protect their immune system, there are studies that have shown that this exposure could be beneficial to the body. Specifically, the nervous system develops greater tolerance to stress and disease, and the body adapts to oxidative stress.

5. Improve your mood
Certain studies have shown that cold showers improve mood and may even be an important ally in the fight against depression.

6. Strengthen the will
Courage to try cold showers is a great way for people to try to strengthen their will. Over time, it may produce a psychological change that will be of great help for people in a development process.

Cold showers benefits

5 Easy tricks to save money

Most of you will smile, amused. Tricks to save you money, when you don’t have enough to buy everything you want?! That’s what you thought, right? Following some simple tips, not only will you save a nice amount of money, but you will realize that you often spend a lot and uselessly.

You spend money on things you can live without them very well. Perhaps it is more about financial education than about temperance.

Pay in cash – The credit card can trick you. It creates the feeling of an unlimited source. While cash payments show you how real spending is. You can seee with your eyes how the money is flowing through your fingers.  And that could be a little bit annoying for you.

Save money weekly – As soon as you’ve earned your salary and paid all your bills, organize your budget for weeks. And do it in a way that every week, you put some money aside. At first, you don’t have to have a large amount. It’s important to “get the taste” and prove that you can. In time, you will succeed to save more and more money!

Controls spendings with “30-day list” – You have the impulse to buy something, but you don’t really need that thing. Write it down. Add to the list all the things you wish, yet being aware that it’s not a necessity. After 30 days, consult the list. Most likely, the strong desire to buy them has disappeared and you can evaluate the list with more calm.

Cancel your gym subscription – If you want to practice sport, you know you can do it for free, don’t you? It’s important to really want it. You can run in the park or even through the neighborhood, and you can do the exercises at home.

Take food from home for work – Don’t tell me you don’t have time in the morning to prepare two sandwiches or a salad to take with you. I will not believe you. Try at least a week and see how much money you will save from your budget if you don’t order food at the office.

Saving money tips

What do your dishes say about you?

Even if are with models, simple or colorful, the dishes talk about our personality. Here you can find the information that dishes can reveal about your personality.

If you like simple, white dishes, then you are a person very interested in how to prepare and consume meals. That means you chose the white plates to highlight the dishes you prepare and to focus your attention on food. In addition, there is a practical reason behind the decision to have a white dish: if a dish breaks, it can be easily replaced.

The fashion designer Coco Chanel said, “A woman must be in two ways: elegant and fabulous.” This is basically your motto if you chose the white plates with golden details. Although in most homes this type of dish is reserved only for special occasions, for you every day must be full of charm.

The rainbow moved into your kitchen! If you only have colorful dishes, it means you are a happy person who likes to live to the fullest! For you, the best way to start a day in a happy, optimistic note is to eat on plates in vibrant colors.

Yes, we’ll tell you about the floral pattern. For you, the more flowers and the delicate patterns have a dish, the better. For you, life is like a great tea party, or at least you’re trying to live like this, and floral plates turn fantasy into reality.

If you like vintage plates, that means you like history. Buying plates from antiquities stores, they take you to a dinner in the style of past years.

Sometimes, small details are the ones that make the difference, just like the white and textured plates. You know how important small gestures are, so most people who know you, will describe you as being a caring and a good person. You don’t forget any birthday and you always have time to call your friends and family.

If you have plastic plates at home, that means you have kids. When you are a parent, you don’t want to invest big amounts in such products that can break at any time.

Dishes and personality

How to reduce humidity in your home

We all know that excessive humidity can damage the furniture, the flooring and can damage the walls, but the biggest problem that causes it is dampness and mold. In this article, you will find out how to reduce humidity in your home.

Mold on the walls, beyond the unsightly appearance it creates, is a real health hazard, favoring the appearance of allergies, respiratory problems, headaches and even depression. For this reason, serious action must be taken in the face of such a situation.

Remember that in order to be able to control the moisture level in the house, we must first measure it using a special device, called hygrometer (or humidity meter), and the optimal humidity level varies around 40-60%. If the moisture level exceeds 60%, the first step to solving the problem is to discover the source that produces the excess of moisture. These can be caused by cracks in walls, roofs or windows, but can also be found in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, or can be caused by a polystyrene insulating system placed inside the room.

Buy or rent a dehumidifier

If the source that produces moisture is more difficult to control, you can use a dehumidifier. Such a device can be purchased directly from a specialized store or rented from specialized firms. Initially, these appliances bring the temperature of the air in the affected room at low temperatures and thus absorb the humidity in the air. After this, they reheat the air again and release it into the house at an adequate level of humidity and temperature.

Try, as much as you can, to reduce the sources that produce humidity. Also, it’s very important to air your house every day. Fresh air will always lower the humidity level.

Don’t forget that fresh air and natural light fight against mold and dampness.

How to read food labels

No matter what product it is, it’s important to read the labels to make sure you do the right and healthy choices. In this article, you will find out how to read the labels, especially the natural juice labels.

European Union law obliges juice manufacturers to include on the product labels information such as the name or type of juice, the name and address of the manufacturer, importer or distributor, expiration date, quantity, storage conditions and, last but not least, the average nutrition table for 100 ml of juice.

Juices are defined as products made from ripe and healthy fruits, fresh or preserved, with characteristic color, flavor and typical taste of the fruit from which region they come from. These are also classified according to how they are obtained.

For example, the juice from the concentrate is basically a juice to which water was added after it was initially removed. Such a production process facilitates packaging and allows the fruit to be processed when is mature and aromatic.

Another type of juice is the NFC juice (not obtained from concentrate), which is produced directly from fruit and has a short shelf life. It’s worth pointing out that all types of juices have nutritional values ​​and welfare benefits.

The number of additives that can be used in fruit juices: Thanks to an EC decision, it’s not allowed to add sugar in 100% fruit juices. At the same time, it’s important to remember that 100% natural juices that don’t contain added sugar, colorants, preservatives or food additives, and they are a safe choice.

The label of a juice should also include the nutritional table for 100 ml of the product and the indicators on the package are the energy value, protein content, carbohydrates, sugars, lipids, saturated fatty acids, fiber, etc.

Another important element is both the shelf life, which is set by each manufacturer and the storage conditions immediately after was opened. The shelf life of a juice may be high, but we must keep in mind the way it was produced. If it has been pasteurized, we can know that was processed to offer durability at the same time to increase quality and prolong shelf life.

So when buying fruit juice, we need to pay attention to the content and the way it was produced.

We recommend choosing 100% juices that don’t contain sugar, added sweeteners, preservatives or dyes, and no other substances that don’t naturally fruits contain.

Natural juice labels

These are carcinogenic ingredients in your cosmetic products

You would be surprised to discover that almost all beauty and body care products, such as shampoo or shower gel, contain substances that, according to studies, are present in 99% of cancer cells. These are parabens who are, in most cases, associated with cancer. Find out how you can protect against them!

The most used parabens
Certainly their name is known to you, especially if you are familiar with the labels of the products: methylparaben, ethylparaben and butylparaben. They are used as preservatives in the most commonly used daily care products such as shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, make-up products, deodorants, body and face creams, and shaving creams.

Parabens behave like estrogen
This is the main reason they are considered to be so damaging. Studies have revealed that an excessive amount of estrogen is one of the causes of breast cancer. Muscle mass is reduced, fat deposits, especially those in the abdomen, are increasing, and the negative effects affect women as well as men who can develop gynecomastia (breast enlargement).

The effects of parabens on the body
In many studies conducted over the years, it has been found that most of the parabens are present in the tissues near the armpits, implicitly near the breasts, where the tumors are usually formed.

How can you protect yourself?
It’s quite difficult to do this, but not impossible. You should opt for products that contain natural ingredients. Get used to paying attention to the ingredients on the label and knowing the harmful ones.

Here’s what you should avoid:
– methylparaben
– ethylparaben
– propylparaben
– butylparaben
– benzylparaben

Other harmful ingredients
Due to the fact that people started to become aware of the danger they are exposed when using paraben-containing products, large companies have marketed products advertised as being free of parabens. However, this can not be a guarantee that the other ingredients used are not harmful. If aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, mercury, lead, nickel or selenite are among the ingredients on the label, it’s better to give up on these products.

4 Delicious salt substitutes

Salt is a source of minerals that, in small doses, helps the body balance electrolyte levels and plays a role in other important health processes. The problem is that we usually consume salt in excessive amounts. But ignoring its negative effects, we add it to all the foods. Today you will read about some delicious salt substitutes.

At first, it may seem harmless, but you may develop inflammatory, cardiovascular and kidney problems over time. Therefore, it’s necessary to limit your daily intake. To do this, you can reduce the consumption of salt-containing foods and choose other spices instead.

Here is how you can replace salt in food:

Garlic is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. When these nutrients are assimilated by the body, they prevent numerous health problems. In addition, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties prevent fluid retention and cardiovascular disease. Garlic can be used on white and red meat, fish and seafood, soups and steaks.

Onion powder
With similar properties to garlic and other active compounds, such as allicin, onion powder is an excellent alternative when you want to reduce salt intake. Even it has fewer properties than when it’s fresh, its nutrients give it a delicious taste to your dishes. Add onion powder over seafood, soups, rice and vegetable salads.

Black pepper
Due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that once they get into the body, they protect tissues that have the negative effects of free radicals. In addition, one of the properties of black pepper is that decrease blood pressure values ​​and, over time, improve kidney function by stimulating the removal of body fluid retention. Pepper can be used in many food recipes.

Known for its medicinal properties, oregano is a spice that successfully replaces salt in food. Oregano contains vitamins, minerals and essential oils and has antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of oregano improves the function of the immune system and reduces the risk of respiratory diseases. You can put oregano on red and white meat, fish and seafood, pizza and other recipes that have as main ingredient cheese, steaks, salads, rice, pasta.

Why you should keep a jar of rice in your closet

Rice is used worldwide in different menus. But rice has other uses, beyond the kitchen. And maybe some of you used rice to dry your mobile phones out of the water. And that’s because rice absorbs water molecules. However, did you know that rice can be used for other purposes?

Here is the reason you should keep a jar of rice in your closet:

Did you know that rice removes bad smells? Placing a jar of rice in a smelly space makes wonders. Today you will find out how to make a deodorizer for your dressing or closet. It’s cheap and environmentally friendly. All you need is:

  • a jar
  • rice
  • essential oil

If you are dealing with a space that smells bad, then you can use lemongrass essential oil. And if you want to bring a fresh smell into your wardrobe, then use subtle essences such as mint, roses or lavender essential oil.

Here’s how to do it:

Put a cup or two of rice in a glass jar. Add between 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Optionally, cover the jar lid with an air-permeable material, and secure it with an elastic. Mix well the content of the jar to distribute the oil everywhere. Apply this amazing trick for every closet in the house or in small spaces. If you feel that the rice in the jar doesn’t work, shake it to add some freshness. Such a homemade product can last between four and six months.

If you are a smoker, this trick can be a lifesaver for you. I don’t, you will still appreciate it. I’m not a smoker, but I love this trick because it’s cheap, very effective and last a very long time. You can also decorate the jar and transform it into a home decoration. It will look beautiful.

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