Shampoo Myths – How To Choose The Right Shampoo

It’s always hard to find shampoo for our hair. There are several myths about shampoo, but which of them should we believe? Today you will find out the truth about shampoo and how to choose it.

If it’s good, will make lot of foam

MYTH. The more foam our shampoo produce, the better for our hair is, is not it?

Specialists say it’s not like that. The foam produced by the shampoo rather creates a psychological effect of clean hair. Foam occurs when the organic molecules in shampoo combine with air. So don’t use half of the shampoo bottle when you wash your hair, just to obtain foam.

Daily wash affects your hair

MYTH. Daily washing is healthy and safe.

If you have oily hair, it’s advisable to wash it daily, but with a mild formula (with moisturizing ingredients and panthenol). Regardless of the type of hair, as long as you stay away from shampoos with improper ingredients, regular washing on your hair will not do any harm.

For the best results, use a conditioner

TRUE. It’s not a scam to make us buy two products.

Although many shampoos also contain balsam, using a separate conditioner will hydrate and protect your hair and scalp in addition.

After a while, hair becomes accustomed to the shampoo. Switch to another brand!

MYTH. Let’s be serious, where do these statements come from? Hair is a dead tissue, so he can not get used to anything.

It’s just our perception of how the hair responds to a new formula. So once you find the right shampoo, stay with him.

Food, too, is important

To prevent hair loss, it’s recommended to use a shampoo adapted to each type of hair (oily scalp / normal scalp/ dry scalp / sensitive scalp).

Avoid aggressive cosmetic treatments (frequent discoloration / dyeing, chemical straightening, excessive use of hair straighteners or inadequate plates).

Among the recommended foods are: soy, beans, spinach, broccoli, fish, olive oil, nuts, milk, eggs, green fruits and vegetables, white meat.