Reasons You Should Change Your Pyjamas More Often

How often do you change your pyjamas? Why should you change your pyjamas as often as possible? According to DailyMail, men change their pyjamas at every 13 days, while women wear them for more than 17 days. The truth is that pyjamas need to be changed more often because they get dirty pretty quickly.

Reasons You Should Change Your Pyjamas More Often:

You’re stopping staphylococcus infections – Staphylococci are common microbes that we usually have on our skin, nose or mouth. They do not cause infections. But, wearing a pyjama for several days in a row leads to the multiplication of staphylococci. Staphylococci can then enter the open wounds.

Prevent acne and cysts – Acne is not the most pleasant skin condition. It is usually painful and have an unpleasant aesthetic appearance. Acne can usually be prevented. When you wear your pyjamas for many days in a row, dead cells, various bacteria, sebum, etc. are collected. This mixture presses and lead to infects the pores of the skin. The skin becomes infected, inflamed, and acne and cysts are formed.

Get rid of mites – Mites are microscopic beings that feed with dead skin, so you’ll find them on your bed and your pyjamas. A pair of pyjamas worn for a long period of time is full of mites and can lead to respiratory problems.

Get rid of unpleasant odors – A shower is not enough to get rid of unpleasant smells if you use the same pyjama many nights in a row.  During the night, pyjamas absorb the sweat that leads to bacteria multiplication. After the shower, try to dress up with clean clothes every time.

Get rid of insomnia – Sleeping in clean pyjamas means feeling comfortable, fresh and ready to bed. A dirty pyjama, full of sebum and dead skin cells will make you scratch and have insomnia.