The Reason You Should Never Brush Your Teeth Immediately After a Meal

We learn the practice of tooth brushing from early ages, and parents teach us to clean our teeth using vertical and circular movements. We know we need to wash our teeth three times a day, but we rarely ask ourselves if we really use the right technique. Today I will present you some mistakes you use to do when you brush your teeth and the reason you should never brush your teeth immediately after a meal.

1. Put the toothbrush back without cleaning it – The toothbrush should be very well cleaned after each use. This tool loads very quickly with bacteria, and if you don’t clean it properly you will reintroduce these bacteria into the mouth at the next brush.

2. Excessive brushing – The brushing time should be between 2 and 3 minutes. Exceeding this duration favors erosion of dental enamel.

3. We apply too much or too little force on toothbrush – If we apply too much force, we can affect the health of dental enamel and gums. If we do not apply enough strength, brushing becomes ineffective and we do not completely remove dental remnants.

4. We wash our teeth immediately after the meal – Ideal is to brush your teeth after 30 minutes after eating. If we wash our teeth immediately after the meal, we risk spreading food acids through the oral cavity.

5. We use whitening toothpaste – Toothpaste with whitening properties damages dental enamel and sensitizes gums and dental crowns.

6. Do not use an appropriate brushing technique – The toothbrush should not be moved horizontally from left to right. The brush should be held at an angle of 45 degrees, and handled using first circular movements, then vertically movements along the teeth so that the brushes effectively clean gums, teeth, and interdental spaces.

7. Keep the toothbrush too close to the toilet bowl – It is a very common mistake, especially in small baths. All the bacteria from the toilet can easily reach toothbrushes and other personal hygiene tools.

8. You don’t change the toothbrush enough often – The toothbrush needs to be changed every 3 or 4 months.

9. You neglect other areas of the oral cavity – Many times, even if we brush our teeth correctly, we forget to clean the tongue and mucous of the mouth. Many dental problems are caused precisely by the poor hygiene of these neglected areas.