What Your Palm Line Says About Your Love & Marriage

If you want to know how your life will be, you should only learn how to read the lines from your palms. To find out more information about love and marriage, all you have to do is to look at the first line from your palm, right under your fingers.

Put your palms side by side and observe the position of the two lines.

When it comes to reading the palms, you will discover that is doesn’t exist identical palms. Also, your right palm is different than your left palm. The technique of reading and interpreting the lines from your palms is called palmistry.

In ancient Greece, the astrologers reveal a person’s character and destiny using this technique. You can learn to “read” these signs by using a few basic rules. Palmistry pre-date Christianity. The name comes from the Greek “cheir” meaning “hand” and “railings” – foreshadowing. To learn to read the palms better, not only the lines from the palm are important, but also the shape of the hand and fingers. Next, you will learn how to read the lines from your palms to find out more about love and marriage.

  1. If the lines are at the same level – you are sensitive and you don’t like sudden things. You will marry with someone who everybody agree with and your family will like your partner.
  2. If the right line is higher than the left line – you may marry with an older person than you. You succeed to see everything in the persons around you and you don’t care about what people gossip. You don’t follow the social rules and you do exactly what you feel.
  3. If the left line is higher than the right line Рyou are an aggressive person, you like challenges and  you love passional people. You may marry with a younger person or with a stranger. You like unconventional things.

What Your Palm Line Says About Your Love & Marriage