Post-holiday syndrome in children

The post-holiday syndrome is perfectly normal and natural, and little ones cannot manage it as effectively as an adult can, and as a result, they need the help and support of family and teachers.

The state of stress can last from a few days to one-two weeks and involves the amount of time a child needs in order to overcome the period of rehabilitation at the rhythm of school days.

Post-vacation syndrome affects very young children especially, but it is manifested in all children, regardless of their age. For some, the re-start of school in September is a joy because they see their colleagues again or because they receive new books, but there are also many children for whom it is a cause for anxiety.

The post-holiday syndrome can manifest in the form of sadness, irritability, sleep disorders, fatigue, loss of appetite, diffuse body pain, diarrhea or vomiting.

One aspect that can intervene in favor of the children is nutrition. Experts say that a balanced diet is fundamental in all stages of life, being beneficial, among others, for the mood. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products and dried fruits are essential because they bring vitamins that support nerve cell activity.

Preparation for the beginning of the school must begin at least two weeks before the actual time. Children should start sleeping and waking up at the appropriate hours, so that they don’t feel tired during the first days of school. Parents can set up routine activities (at the same time). For example, dinner-washing-sleeping. Children need to be encouraged, rewarded when they do something right.

Parents should explain to their children the positive aspects of re-starting school: they will see their colleagues again and will tell them how they spent their vacation. Discussing this topic at home is a stimulus for children, because they can recognize family support.

Post holiday syndrome

How to teach your child to make wise decisions

Raising children who, when they are adults, will make the best decisions for their lives is the dream of any parent. In a world with endless possibilities, with many factors that distract the child from his goal, it becomes a difficult task for parents.

When the child is born, he is totally dependent on adults. In early childhood, parents decide what is good, what is safe. But exercises to make simple decisions start early. Choosing a toy from the store or kindergarten is part of the learning process.

Ask him “Red or blue blouse, what do you want?” A choice with a maximum of 2-3 options would be appropriate, to be as simple as possible. Choosing a single toy from an entire store is an overwhelming decision for a small child. Limiting diversity to two favorite toys can make the choice possible.

As children grow up, they can make choices about hobbies, sleep time, with whom to go to a movie, what course to enroll, etc. To guide the child in making a good decision involves discussion, analyzing the consequences of one choice or another. Training, encouraging good decisions for the child, and discussing the right decisions when making bad choices are part of the learning process.

“Children learn better by looking at how their parents behave than by listening to what they say,” says Barry Schwartz, a psychology professor.

If you are discussing with the child what car you want to buy for the family or what would be better to buy a grandparent’s day gift – discussing pros and cons, choice criteria (price, grandparent’s preferences and gift usefulness) – then you allow the child to see what the steps of a decision are, to have a roadmap for making a decision.

Play the game: “What if …?”, using the surrounding reality
You can give the child scenarios to solve which require choices and ways to solve problems. Ask him what he would choose if he is invited at two of his colleagues’ birthdays at the same time and on the same day. Or what would he do with the money if he won 100 euros at a contest? Thus, you will encourage him to use critical thinking and improve his decision-making skills.

Allow them to make mistakes. If it’s not a health or safety issue, you can allow the child to make less good decisions. These will help him assess the consequences of a good / less good decision. If he comes and complains that he lost all his money at school, next time he won’t take all the money with him.

Children and wise decisions

How to prepare your child for the first day of school

The first day of school must be prepared in time. Here are some strategies to be adopted by parents concerned that the first day of school of their little one will be as easy as possible.

The little one is already used from the kindergarten with the rules of the community. But the first day of school, doesn’t mean that the pamper until now be replaced with exaggerated authority.

School change, a major stress for the child

Disobey him gradually. The vacation was long and it is natural that changing this comfortable environment will not feel too good. So, ideally, you should start “practicing” with him a week before starting first class. Ask him about his preferences, about the pet he cares for, ask him to write down the answers also on a paper. This way, you will simulate a first conversation that the little ones will have with the teacher.

The last preparations before the first day of school
Organize a party. Gather the gang of children give him a party. Allow it throughout the period before school starts to be as close as possible to his friends, so that at school to be adaptable and communicative.

What if he doesn’t want to go to school
Impose the routine of duties. This means preparing it with more time in advance with the ritual of waking up in the morning and, especially, with sleeping at the same time. Only then, the little one will get used to the school program and there will be no more torment – for him and for you – to wake him up every day and mobilize him. Accountability cannot be done overnight, but with patience, you will succeed in trusting him and he will be proud when he completes the required tasks, both at school and at home.

First day of school

Myths about baby care

As a young mother, you often receive tips about baby care, from different persons like family members, other moms etc. Not all of them are worth considering. It’s not at all easy to understand what tips should be followed and who are myths.

It’s too early for the child to do gymnastics
It is known that well-chosen exercises strengthen the muscles, joints and ligaments. Physical exercises also prove important in the case of a child of only 6-8 months: it helps him to improve his motor skills, such as the turns from the belly to the back and vice versa, teaches him to stay in the sitting position and later, to stand up. In addition, for a small child, gymnastics is also a new mean of knowledge.

Disposable diapers are harmful
This is because there is (the unfounded) fear regarding the possible infertility of the boys in the future due to overheating of the testicles. The action of heat on them is dangerous only in adolescence, since the sexual glands are not definitely formed at babies.

Cow milk is better than any milk formula
It is often the case that mothers want to replace a formula of milk or even breast milk with cow’s milk, which is not specially indicated in the first 6-8 months of the baby’s life. Breast milk is a unique food for the baby! Infants often suffer from allergic reactions as soon as they have been switched to artificial feeding or with the introduction of supplemental feed prepared from cow’s milk.

Babies who have been breastfed for a long time will be a lifetime dependent on their mother
Every child is dependent on the mother, from nature, which helps him to survive and to grow. But nature also provided the mechanism of the gradual detachment of the mother, a change for which the child is prepared from 8 to 10 months, when it begins to show more and more interest to the surrounding world. This becoming more interesting than the mother’s breast. It is essential for the mother to sense this moment and begin to communicate with the baby at this new level. Breastfeeding, however long it may take, doesn’t lead to the installation of the dependence of the mother.

Myths about baby care

Household chores for kids according to their age

Many parents have the impression that little ones should be excluded from any household chores, but experts think this is wrong. By giving each child certain things to do, he will become responsible from an early age, understand the importance of cleanliness.

The first thing you need to do is understand that the little ones are more capable than you think. But instead of waiting for him to be ready, you have to prepare him. The household tasks are set according to the age of the child and must be introduced in a fun way. For example, make everything look like a game or a contest.

Here’s what your child can do according to his age:

At 2-3 years:

  • to put their toys in their place;
  • to fill the pet’s food bowl;
  • to put dirty clothes in the laundry basket;
  • to wipe spilled water;
  • to collect newspapers or magazines.

At 4-5 years:

Things from above, plus:

  • to arrange their hair;
  • to bring the letters from the mailbox;
  • to take your plate in the sink after eating;
  • to prepare their bowl of cereal with milk;
  • to water the plants;
  • to wash plastic plates.

At 6-7 years old

Things from above, plus:

  • sort clothes before washing;
  • to help prepare simple dishes;
  • to pack their lunch for school;
  • to sweep the floors;
  • to sweep the leaves from the yard;
  • to maintain order in his bedroom

At 8-9 years

Things from above, plus:

  • to fill the dishwasher;
  • to put the shoppings in their place;
  • to use the vacuum cleaner;
  • to help prepare more complicated dishes;
  • to prepare his own breakfast and snacks alone;
  • to sew buttons;
  • to peel vegetables;
  • to wash the floors;
  • to take the pet out for a walk

At 10+ years
Things from above, plus:

  • to empty the dishwasher;
  • to fold clean clothes;
  • to clean the bathroom;
  • to wash the windows;
  • to wash the car;
  • to cook alone (but under the supervision of an adult);
  • to iron clothes (under the supervision of an adult);
  • to start the washing machine;
  • to change sheets;
  • to take care of younger siblings (when a parent is busy)
Household chores for kids

The biggest mistakes most parents make when growing a child

Being a parent is difficult and it is normal to make mistakes, even if we do our best to avoid them. Often, we don’t even realize we do them, but they can affect how the child grows and develops – especially in terms of his personality or mental health.

You don’t teach your child to be responsible from an early age
Many parents underestimate their children, but they are more capable than they seem. You shouldn’t think that your baby has enough time to learn to take care of him, because you risk making him dependent on you. Teach him things appropriate to his age, but in a fun way.

You don’t extend the freedom of the child as it grows
Although you enjoy when the child is growing up, you are afraid to give him more freedom. However, this can greatly affect their social life and development. Learn to extend his freedom as it grows, but without exaggerating.

You don’t allow the child to make mistakes
No one in the world is perfect, especially a child. Allow him to make mistakes and show him how he can learn lessons from them.

You don’t discuss with him difficult topics
What are the changes that puberty brings, where do children come from, what do you feel when you fall in love, how should you behave with a person you like? Sooner or later, the child will learn all this from colleagues, friends or even from the internet. Make sure you will provide them this information.

You don’t listen to your child
Maybe the little one is complaining about his colleagues harassing him, a teacher who is too harsh. Maybe he confesses that he fell in love, or he can tell you that he is always sad. Always listen to your child, without assuming that he is exaggerating or that he has no feelings about his age.

You don’t allow the child to have free time
The little one should know how to swim, play an instrument, learn a foreign language … All these activities are really positive, but don’t fill the child’s program until the refusal. Allow him to have free time, in which to do what he wants.

You neglect your partner
Many parents tend to pay too much attention to their child and end up ignoring the couple’s relationship. Try to spend more time for pleasant moments with your partner so that the relationship doesn’t deteriorate.

You neglect yourself
Before you were a mother and a wife you were an individual with your own needs and desires – don’t forget this! Make time for yourself a few times a day or at least a few times a week, just for you.

Parenting mistakes

How to choose a car seat for your child

The car seat for children is mandatory during car trips. If you want the maximum safety for the little one when accompanying you in the car, choose a quality car seat, marketed by a specialized store.

According to the US National Center for Statistics and Analysis, approximately 250,000 children are injured in car accidents each year. For this reason, it is extremely important to purchase the right car seat for your child.

It must fulfill a number of important characteristics, essential in creating the adequate comfort and safety of the little one, during the transport in the car.

When you want to buy a car seat for children you have to consider the weight and the height of you child. Depending on these aspects, there are several models of car seats.

For example, specialists recommend that babies should only be transported in seats that are fastened with their backs to the direction of travel of the car. This type of seat can be changed to one that is facing the direction of travel only after the child can stand without unbalancing when he weighs at least 9 kilograms.

The third type of car seat is more precisely a car elevator and is designed for children between 5-12 years old, who have a weight between 15 and 36 kilograms.

Specialists recommend ISOFIX car seats

Recently, appeared on the market car seats with the isofix system, in addition to those with a classic belt system. New Isofix models are considered safer because they adapt to the car’s reaction in the case of an accident. Before purchasing such a model, make sure your car is compatible with an Isofix car seat.

Car seat for your children

Ways to make your kid reading during the school holidays

We all know that little ones are looking forward to for the holidays, and when it comes they want to play for long days with other children, or on a tablet or computer. They don’t even want to hear about reading.

It is normal to want to recreate and forget about school, even if sometimes they have holiday themes. But, at some point, they have to read and I’m sure you find difficulties in making your kid to read.

Buy audiobooks
Let us not forget that, for a long time, people gathered around the fire to listen to the stories told by their peers. For children it is more interesting and easier to listen to someone debating stories, and audiobooks are perfect for that. This will open up their appetite for books and, in time, they will want to read them themselves.

Show the little one that you are reading too
The power of the example is unmatched, and the children have the strongest attitudes and behaviors from their parents. If they see you with a book in their hand, captivated by it, they will certainly be curious to find out what’s so interesting there.

Arrange for him a beautiful place for readingĀ 
Children like to stay in places that attract them, and this can be used to your advantage. Set up a tent with two chairs and a blanket, build a fortress from books or just have a picnic in the garden and read something together. Decorate a corner of his room with his favorite heroes or propose a role-playing game where everyone reads a chapter.

Show him some of the scenes in the books as much as possible
If your little one is reading a book about animals, go with him to the zoo or farm. He will be very pleased with this experience and will continue reading with pleasure. These things will increase their curiosity and make them eager to find out more about something they have seen.

First, read the book, then watch the movie together
Nothing can be more interesting to a child than to see the action that read by himself. Children can be easily motivated by this, especially if you promise that they will see all the movies made after the books read during the holidays.

Read aloud
Even if the little ones know how to read, that doesn’t mean that they will, and especially during the holidays. If you read some chapters or stories aloud, children will learn some reading skills and will learn to express themselves more easily. They can also ask for explanations as to the meaning of certain words, which is beneficial to their general culture and beyond.

Ask the child what he is reading
When the little one sees that you are interested in his book, he will automatically involve in the discussion and will try to tell you as much as possible. Pay attention to this and you will see that it starts reading more often.

Kids reading during holidays

What does your hair length says about your personality?

How long is your hair? Up to the ears, up to the shoulders? Is it shorter or longer? Did you know that hair length says a lot about your personality? Find out what psychologists say about a person’s hair length.

Pixie look or very short hair
You are a self-confident and a sociable person. You like to flirt. It is very easy for you to make new friends. You like jobs where you use intelligence. You know how to solve your problems with integrity and self-control. Although, there are situations in which you act without thinking.

Bob haircut or above the shoulders
You are a direct person, who always tells the truth, even when it hurts. You can find a balance between professional life and personal life. You are a brave and very organized person. You don’t like routine and you love to experiment with new things. Sometimes you act without thinking and you can sometimes be unlucky.

Lobe haircut or at shoulders level
You are pleased with your feminine, elegant and sophisticated appearance. You like to talk and your beauty attracts the people you meet. You like new challenges and projects. You are an expert in making friends and maintaining friendships.

Long and very long hair
You are a caring, patient and dreamy person. In love, you seek long-term relationships, but you are very selective and demanding person. Fight for your dreams and don’t give up until you fulfill them. Perseverance will help you get where you want.

Hair length and your personality

Makeup tips for busy and tired moms

After becoming moms, we wish we could take care of our skin daily with makeup that rejuvenates and enhances our natural beauty. In order to make it easier for us to do this, we need some solutions to help us not spend too much time in front of the mirror.

Before any kind of makeup, it is essential to have the skin as clean as possible. In this regard, you should remember to remove your makeup in the evening before bed. Although you often feel tired, for the health of your skin, the cleansing procedure is fundamental, because only this way you will effectively remove the fatty residues, but also the bacteria.

In addition, you will prevent the pores from clogging and then have more serious problems (such as acne). Also, don’t forget to apply before you make-up a moisturizer, suitable for your skin type.

Use foundation – you will look much better

A solution that make-up artists propose for rushed mothers is to use either a 3-in-1 product (which simultaneously performs the role of foundation, powder and concealer) or a BB cream. Its qualities are as follows: it adapts easily to your skin, offers a high degree of coverage and protects you from the sun. All you have to do is apply it on the perfectly clean face, insisting on the areas with more imperfections. You will find that this kind of cream will help you not only save time, but also money.

Get rid of tired eyes
Since mothers often don’t get enough sleep, fatigue will appear on your face. Fortunately, a few make-up tricks can help you get a bright look and have a great start every day. Here’s what you should do:

  • As soon as you wake up, you can put special drops in your eyes for tired eyes
  • Use a concealer – It should be 1 tone more light than your skin tone. If you meet this requirement, the product will help you look more rested and create the appearance of youthful skin.
  • Don’t forget about the eyebrows – The eyes will look brighter and more rested if the eyebrows are well taken care of. For example, it would be ideal for them to be given with a special wax or mascara.
  • You can also get an eyeshadow – Ideally, you should apply a white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes, not the eyelids, for a fresher appearance
  • Don’t neglect your eyelashes – Either you can use a mascara for volume, or you can give up mascara and apply a a trick even when you’re in a hurry: use a tweezer for eyelashes. For best results, it is ideal to bring it as close as possible to the root of the eyelashes and hold it for about 10-30 seconds.

Be bright with the help of the blush
If you want to look more rested and brighter, you can try a blush in warmer shades. Even tanning blushes are welcome.

Don’t forget about lips. Use a lipstick with natural shades. It is very fast to apply it.

Makeup for busy moms

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