Here Is Why You Should Never Carry Your Phone In Your Pocket

Despite the fact that they were designed to fit perfectly into the pocket, specialists find that mobile phones should be held in the bag. American physician Devra Davis studied the effects of radiation from mobile phones and has no good news at all.

The specialist says that the radiation from the cell phone is used in medicine to treat liver cancer. Thus, radiation breaks down the blood-brain barrier, which helps the brain against foreign substances that could hurt it.

“Radiation exposure limits may be violated when the phone is positioned less than 15 millimeter from the body , for example, when holding the cell phone in your pocket,” says Devra.

She even presented a particular case: a young woman who developed breast tumors after having held the phone in her bra for several months.

Another study, published in 2009, shows that the phone that is held in the pocket affects male fertility.

The solution is to keep the mobile phone at 1.5 centimeters away from the body, so the radiation level is very low. Another way to use your mobile phone without harming your health is to keep it in the protective case.

So, keeping your mobile phone so close to your body, like in your pocket, can be very harmful for your health, due to the radiations that mobile phones emit. In conclusion, try to keep your phone in your bag and while you sleep as far as you can.