How to prepare your child for the first day of school

The first day of school must be prepared in time. Here are some strategies to be adopted by parents concerned that the first day of school of their little one will be as easy as possible.

The little one is already used from the kindergarten with the rules of the community. But the first day of school, doesn’t mean that the pamper until now be replaced with exaggerated authority.

School change, a major stress for the child

Disobey him gradually. The vacation was long and it is natural that changing this comfortable environment will not feel too good. So, ideally, you should start “practicing” with him a week before starting first class. Ask him about his preferences, about the pet he cares for, ask him to write down the answers also on a paper. This way, you will simulate a first conversation that the little ones will have with the teacher.

The last preparations before the first day of school
Organize a party. Gather the gang of children give him a party. Allow it throughout the period before school starts to be as close as possible to his friends, so that at school to be adaptable and communicative.

What if he doesn’t want to go to school
Impose the routine of duties. This means preparing it with more time in advance with the ritual of waking up in the morning and, especially, with sleeping at the same time. Only then, the little one will get used to the school program and there will be no more torment – for him and for you – to wake him up every day and mobilize him. Accountability cannot be done overnight, but with patience, you will succeed in trusting him and he will be proud when he completes the required tasks, both at school and at home.

First day of school