How To Detox Your Liver At Home

Detox your body is essential to get rid of many diseases. Many of us are facing these days with weight problems, especially as we age, and our metabolism considerably slows. And although there are a number of ways to help us lose weight, diet and exercise are among the most effective, the only thing you need in order to maintain your weight is a healthy liver.

Liver detoxification is not as difficult as you may think, not even so disgusting as it sounds. This requires a preliminary period of seven days, because it is essential that you prepare and strengthen your liver and colon for future work. This is important, because if you don’t do it, experts warn that you could end up even more bloated, constipated and toxic than you were before you begin. And you could cancel any attempt to lose weight.

In order to avoid unnecessary bad moods and maximize weight loss, there are some simple steps you can follow for seven days. These steps are:

After each day of the seven days, choose to consume the next king of vegetables, good for your liver:

  • Cruciferous
  • Green vegetables and plants
  • Citrus
  • Foods rich in sulfur

Try to include in your menu every day the following foods good for the colon: psyllium and bran, apples, carrots, pears and berries. Drink a number of purified water equal to half of your body weight. Consume at least two tablespoons of brown or gren algae, or spirulina. Make sure to include in your meals every day one or two tablespoons of olive oil.

After seven days you are ready for detoxifying your body with one special juice, designed to cleanse impurities from your liver and other tissues: put in a tea infuser cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cranberry water and let it simmer for 20 minutes. After cooling, add orange juice and lemon. Drink every day 2 liters of this juice, and 2 liters of filtered water.

How To Detox Your Liver At Home