How to clean a smelly washing machine

Bad smell is the first sign that your washing machine needs an in-depth cleaning. You don’t have to use expensive products to get rid of this ugly smell. You need only two ingredients. Let’s find out how to clean a washing machine in order to get rid of the bad smell.

HIGH ATTENTION: These two products are never used together because they react chemically and are very toxic.

First, mix the bleach with a similar amount of warm water and wipe the accessible areas of the washing machine with a cloth. Also remove under the rubber part where the door closes from the washing machine. If there are areas where you can’t insert the cloth, leave a towel soaked in the solution to act for 30 minutes so the bleach will destroy any mold traces.

After doing this, turn on the washing machine to a full wash cycle without laundry in it. After completing the first wash cycle, add 500 ml of white wine vinegar inside the machine and set a higher temperature washing cycle.

Now your washing machine should be clean, functional and free of mold. Also the bad smell will disappear.