Household chores for kids according to their age

Many parents have the impression that little ones should be excluded from any household chores, but experts think this is wrong. By giving each child certain things to do, he will become responsible from an early age, understand the importance of cleanliness.

The first thing you need to do is understand that the little ones are more capable than you think. But instead of waiting for him to be ready, you have to prepare him. The household tasks are set according to the age of the child and must be introduced in a fun way. For example, make everything look like a game or a contest.

Here’s what your child can do according to his age:

At 2-3 years:

  • to put their toys in their place;
  • to fill the pet’s food bowl;
  • to put dirty clothes in the laundry basket;
  • to wipe spilled water;
  • to collect newspapers or magazines.

At 4-5 years:

Things from above, plus:

  • to arrange their hair;
  • to bring the letters from the mailbox;
  • to take your plate in the sink after eating;
  • to prepare their bowl of cereal with milk;
  • to water the plants;
  • to wash plastic plates.

At 6-7 years old

Things from above, plus:

  • sort clothes before washing;
  • to help prepare simple dishes;
  • to pack their lunch for school;
  • to sweep the floors;
  • to sweep the leaves from the yard;
  • to maintain order in his bedroom

At 8-9 years

Things from above, plus:

  • to fill the dishwasher;
  • to put the shoppings in their place;
  • to use the vacuum cleaner;
  • to help prepare more complicated dishes;
  • to prepare his own breakfast and snacks alone;
  • to sew buttons;
  • to peel vegetables;
  • to wash the floors;
  • to take the pet out for a walk

At 10+ years
Things from above, plus:

  • to empty the dishwasher;
  • to fold clean clothes;
  • to clean the bathroom;
  • to wash the windows;
  • to wash the car;
  • to cook alone (but under the supervision of an adult);
  • to iron clothes (under the supervision of an adult);
  • to start the washing machine;
  • to change sheets;
  • to take care of younger siblings (when a parent is busy)
Household chores for kids