What Happens If You Wash Your Face With Sparkling Water

Women use different beauty tricks to have a beautiful face. Most of the times, the solution is found in simple practices, not very expensive. A good example is sparkling water, which is good not only for drinking, is also good as a face toner. Sparkling water brings great benefits to the skin. The Japanese women discovered this amazing beauty trick.

What happens if you wash your face with mineral water? Well, we can say than anything bad happens, on the contrary. Mineral water can be used for proper a cleaning of the skin. Specialists believe that bubbles from the  mineral water contain a larger amount of oxygen, and in contact with the face, they strengthen the skin and removes dead cells. In order to  natural sparkling water treatment to be effective, try to use it twice a week, but no more, in order to avoid irritation, especially for women with a sensitive skin. Also, try to avoid contact with eyes, in order to avoid irritation in that area of ​​the face.

Sparkling water can be used to as the normal tap water, but if you want to do economy, you can put it on a cotton pad and slightly clean your face. After a few weeks, your skin will be much smoother and softer, due to exfoliation with mineral water.

Rules to keep in mind when washing your face with mineral water:
When you wash your face with mineral water, keep your eyes closed, because otherwise you’ll irritate them. When the water reaches the skin, you will feel a sensation of heat, but do not worry. It is a feeling that occurs when your acid removes dead skin cells and blackheads. Once you will wash with mineral water, your skin will be pink. He will return soon at its natural color, do not panic.