What Happens In Your Body When You Have A Bad Posture

Bad posture affects your health in more ways than you thought possible. You should consider sitting straight all day long if you want to avoid a number of health issues that will affect the quality of your health and body in the long run.

  1. Headaches. Headaches are the number one consequence of a bad posture. They are determined by the tension the neck muscles are under for a great number of hours. Keeping a straight posture and the neck in an appropriate position prevents chronic headaches.
  2. Breathing. Bad posture affects the chest muscles that in return affect your breathing rhythm. If you don’t correct your posture you run the risk of permanent damage.
  3. Damaged muscles. Bad posture affects the muscles because it keeps the body under a lot of pressure unevenly spread. Work your back and muscles in the gym to have more support and maintain a good posture for a longer period of time. You will look better and feel better.
  4. Low self-esteem. Posture affects the way you feel on all levels. Bad posture is liked to depression and low self-esteem. A confident person will always have his chest pushed forward and his head straight up.
  5. Constipation is a surprise result of bad posture, but is one of the most common results of it. Internal organs are affected by posture and crushing them in an uncomfortable position may lead to serious health issues in the long run.
  6. Memory is affected. Do you have the feeling you are forgetting quite a lot lately? It is all due to the bad posture that prevents brain from getting its proper amount of oxygen. Bad posture affects the blood flow resulting in a heavy head and foggy memory. Keep an eye on your posture if you want to improve your memory.