The Most Effective Remedy For Swollen Feet

Swollen feet are a very common problem and also very unpleasant. Accumulating a larger volume of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues is causing swelling in the legs. Cases may be heat, blood vessels diseases, kidney disease, pregnancy, heart failure, hormonal disorders.

Swollen feet are characterized by fluid accumulation in the legs. The collection of excess fluid anywhere in the body is known as the swelling. The whole leg or part of it may be higher than normal. Swelling of the feet can be painless or accompanied by a variety of symptoms including bruising, pruritus (itching), pain, numbness, erythema (redness), tenderness or stiffness.

Other symptoms that can accompany swollen feet include:
• Bleeding or bruising;
• Burning sensation;
• Difficulty moving the foot, ankle or toes;
• Difficulty walking or standing;
• Pruritus (itching);
• Formations or nodules;
• Numbness;
• Pain or tenderness;
• Erythema (redness) or heat;
• Stiffness;
• Tingling or other abnormal sensations.

Do not ignore these symptoms and contact your doctor immediately to determine the causes of swollen feet.

Natural medicine has many remedies against this problem, but probably the most effective of them is the infusion of parsley that slowly but effectively removes excess fluid from the body.

You need fresh parsley and its root, the whole plant. Wash it and chop it with the blender or food processor. Put the mixture in thermos and pour 500 ml of hot water. Leave it to infuse all night. Morning strain and drain the infusion. This amount of liquid is calculated for one day, to be consumed in 3 rounds.
Drink the infusion for 2 consecutive days, then take a break for 3 days. Then again drink infusion for 2 days. The next day you will see how your feet deflates feet and you will wear any shoes you prefer!

The Most Effective Remedy For Swollen Feet