The Best Natural Painkiller Is Closer Than You Imagine!

Next time you find yourself in pain and feel the urge to rush towards the pharmacy for some strong painkillers, think again! You may be closer to the strongest natural painkiller, than you can imagine!

Wild lettuce, the cousin of the regular lettuce, the one you buy in grocery stores, known by the scientific world as Lactuca Virosa is the Holy Grail for pain annihilation.

Wild lettuce is highly effective in getting rid of pain resulted from all sorts of injuries and disease. Besides being a strong pain relief, it is absolutely non-addictive, thus it can be used at all times with absolutely no sign of fear.

The natural sedative can treat insomnia, spasms and anxiety. It calms down the nervous system relaxing the muscles and healing the respiratory system. It treats cramps, migraines, period pain, headache and many others in a matter of hours.

Nicknamed as the plant version of opium, wild lettuce is in no way addictive.

It was actually used as a very popular substitute to opium back in the 19th century because of the euphoric state it produced. Later on, in the 70’ it started to gain significant popularity among those who were looking for a natural pain relief as well as recreational purpose.

To enjoy all the benefits from this amazing plant, you should know it needs to be harvested in July and August, and then let to dry out on its own. There are also pharmacies that sell it dried and ready to use.

All you need to do is prepare a herbal tea (a teaspoon of wild lettuce for 250 ml of water), and have a cup to drink each time you feel the pain approaching.

Wild lettuce can be dried for smoking or vaporizing, yet tea remains the most popular form it is used in.