Amazing Benefits of Black Lemonade

Black lemonade is more and more popular, especially among people who embrace a healthy life style. The name of “black” lemonade came from the ingredient that lemonade contains. The ingredient who gives the black color to the lemonade is activated charcoal.

Black lemonade is recommended for persons who want to start a detox cure. This drink is the most suitable in this kind of situation, because helps the body to remove toxins and to regain its energy.

Medicinal charcoal is used to treat diarrhea and intestinal bacteria. Often in hospital patients are receiving medicinal charcoal in case of intoxication, poisoning or overdoses.

When mixed with lemonade, help the metabolism to detoxify the body, it is used by yoga instructors, coaches and all those who are interested to be more healthy.

How to prepare black lemonade:

In the juice from 2 lemons, add a teaspoon of medicinal charcoal and 1 drop of Himalayan salt. Mix well, and keep the lemonade in the fridge for maximum 5 days.

Drink this lemonade on an empty stomach, 2 hours before or after eating.

Amazing Benefits of Black Lemonade