7 Things In Any Household That Require Daily Cleaning

 Even if you are a cleaning freak and your house is always clean, there are a few things that require daily cleaning. In this article you will discover 7 things in any household that require daily cleaning.

  1. Kitchen towels. They may look clean, but these are the dirtiest things in your house. The same is true for the hand towels from the bathroom, they are getting dirty really fast and is advisable to be washed and replaced every other day.
  2. Kitchen counter. It comes as no wonder the kitchen counter is one of the dirtiest places that you could touch on a daily basis. Car keys, lighter, handbag, these are just some of the things that come in touch with the counter but they transfer a good deal of bacteria. Make sure you disinfect it daily, and wash the cloth you use for cleaning it. Don’t use the same cloth for other areas, such as the kitchen table if you don’t want to contaminate it.
  3. Bath walls. Your bathroom is another spot that could mean bacteria heaven, especially the tile walls from your shower. Prevent mold by wiping the walls dry every time you take a shower.
  4. Washing sinks. Sure, you use them when it comes to washing your hands or plates, but all you do is transfer dirt and bacteria to another place. Wash them daily with a disinfectant and a different sponge. Don’t forget to wash off the disinfectant really well afterwards.
  5. Dirty dishes. They are a real catch for bacteria. Don’t let dirty dishes in the sink overnight, it will be a lot harder cleaning them afterwards. The same goes for your washing machine.
  6. Coffee machine. You may consider cleaning your coffee machine daily because otherwise it may transform itself into a bacterial and mold heaven.
  7. Keep your floors as clean as possible; otherwise the dirt may be an attraction for all kinds of bugs.