5 Cleaning mistakes you are making

Even if women believe they have all the secrets of a clean home, there is a risk that they will make some mistakes that could affect their health. For example, in a hurry or because of the lack of attention, they forget to wipe the dust off all surfaces. This could cause them serious respiratory problems.

You change the bed sheets once a month
It is necessary to change the sheet several times per month, because the traces of sweat, dirt and dust may endanger your health. Change the sheets once a week in order to sleep quietly, without worrying about getting sick.

You forget food in the refrigerator
The refrigerator can contain many bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella or listeria. This is why you need to have time for regular cleansing. If you store in a refrigerator raw chicken contaminated with dangerous bacteria and beside you keep a salad, there is a high risk that the bacteria will reach the salad. Therefore, in order to maintain your health, wash the refrigerator once a week, store the food intelligently and immediately throw the altered food.

You put dirty laundry on the floor
Often, from lack of time or hurry, women leave their dirty clothes on the floor, thinking they will soon put them in the washing machine. However, you must know that this can attract many bacteria. Avoid leaving your dirty clothes on the floor. It’s not much effort to put them in the washing machine, then tap a button.

You don’t wipe the dust off the TV and the shelves
Dust can be easily ignored, but allergies or respiratory conditions caused by it are real and can cause severe discomfort. So, if you want to avoid asthma crises or any other respiratory problem, wipe dust even on the most hidden pieces of furniture.

You leave your hair in the drain
If you have hair loss problems, then there is a good chance that the drain from the tub will clog because of it. To avoid this problem, every time you take a shower, pick your hair from the drain.