The Most Effective Trick to Clean Your Bathroom

Every women knows how hard is to always keep the house clean. In my opinion, bathroom should be the most cleaned room in the house. We all know that bleach and other chemical products are harmful for our health, moreover that we have to use then very often.

Today you will find out the most effective trick that will help you to keep the bathroom very clean and in the same time to take care of your health.


  • 1/2 cup of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup of apple vinegar
  • 1/2 cup of lemon juice
  • 5 litres of water

Procedure: Do not mix all the ingredients in the same time because you will experiment some chemical reactions. First, mix the water with baking soda. Then, add the lemon juice. Finally, add the apple vinegar. You will notice a minor chemical reaction. Put the obtained solution in a spray bottle. Apply the solution on all tile in the bathroom and leave it to act 30 minutes. Then, using a brush or a sponge, clean very well.

After this procedure you will notice that your bathroom and very clean and shiny!

The Most Effective Trick to Clean Your Bathroom

How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water

If you want to detect negative energies in your house, there are various methods. Today I will present you a very effective and simple method that works every time. It is important to eliminate negative energies from our houses, in order to have harmony, to be relaxed and positive.

I recommend you to purify your home from negative energies from time to time.

  1. Take a transparent glass of water. The glass shouldn’t have drawings, colors or flaws. You have to know that you will not use this glass anymore, after this purification.
  2. Put 1/4  glass of sea salt
  3. Pour another 1/4 glass of apple vinegar
  4. Pour pure water until you fill the glass
  5. Place the glass in the room you or area where you believe there are negative energies. You should place the glass in a hidden corner. You have to leave it there for 24 hours. DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS!
  6.  Next day, observe the glass: if the water looks the same, that means there are no negative energies in the house. Move the glass in other room and repeat the process. If you observe that water have bubbles or it changed its color (green, grey, black shades), you have to get rid of these negative energies! Throw the water in the toilet and flush the water. Wash the glass and repeat the process, until the water will be clean. After you succeed to clean that room from negative energies, throw the glass.

How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water

What Your Palm Line Says About Your Love & Marriage

If you want to know how your life will be, you should only learn how to read the lines from your palms. To find out more information about love and marriage, all you have to do is to look at the first line from your palm, right under your fingers. Put your palms side by side and observe the position of the two lines.

When it comes to reading the palms, you will discover that is doesn’t exist identical palms. Also, your right palm is different than your left palm. The technique of reading and interpreting the lines from your palms is called palmistry.

In ancient Greece, the astrologers reveal a person’s character and destiny using this technique. You can learn to “read” these signs by using a few basic rules. Palmistry pre-date Christianity. The name comes from the Greek “cheir” meaning “hand” and “railings” – foreshadowing. To learn to read the palms better, not only the lines from the palm are important, but also the shape of the hand and fingers. Next, you will learn how to read the lines from your palms to find out more about love and marriage.

  1. If the lines are at the same level – you are sensitive and you don’t like sudden things. You will marry with someone who everybody agree with and your family will like your partner.
  2. If the right line is higher than the left line – you may marry with an older person than you. You succeed to see everything in the persons around you and you don’t care about what people gossip. You don’t follow the social rules and you do exactly what you feel.
  3. If the left line is higher than the right line – you are an aggressive person, you like challenges and  you love passional people. You may marry with a younger person or with a stranger. You like unconventional things.

What Your Palm Line Says About Your Love & Marriage

Here’s Why You Should Drink Warm Salt Water for 1 Week

I know it sounds strange, but if you drink warm salt water every morning, for 1 week, you will notice amazing benefits for your health. Drinking saltwater in the morning is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to detoxify your colon. Here’s what to do and what are the benefits.

Although is not a very pleasant treatment, cure with  salt water in the morning is very simple, cheap and effective.

What to do: Heat one quart of water, add two tablespoons of salt in the pot and stir until is dissolved. Do not use table salt from the supermarket because the effect won’t be the same. Pour the water into cups and drink it all on an empty stomach. The taste will not be pleasant, but you have to endure. You no longer have than to sit in bed, lying on the right. Within two hours, you should go to the toilet. You will go to the toilet many timers throughout the day, so it would be good to always have a toilet nearby.

It may appear the bloated feeling or a slight abdominal discomfort.

Drinking salt water on an empty stomach can not be absorbed by the body and it simply passes through the digestive system. The salt water will decompose the faeces and will be eliminated in the same time with the salt.

Treatment with saltwater can be done daily, for one week, and this treatment can be repeated every six months.

Here's Why You Should Drink Warm Salt Water for 1 Week

Amazing Benefits of Black Lemonade

Black lemonade is more and more popular, especially among people who embrace a healthy life style. The name of “black” lemonade came from the ingredient that lemonade contains. The ingredient who gives the black color to the lemonade is activated charcoal.

Black lemonade is recommended for persons who want to start a detox cure. This drink is the most suitable in this kind of situation, because helps the body to remove toxins and to regain its energy.

Medicinal charcoal is used to treat diarrhea and intestinal bacteria. Often in hospital patients are receiving medicinal charcoal in case of intoxication, poisoning or overdoses.

When mixed with lemonade, help the metabolism to detoxify the body, it is used by yoga instructors, coaches and all those who are interested to be more healthy.

How to prepare black lemonade:

In the juice from 2 lemons, add a teaspoon of medicinal charcoal and 1 drop of Himalayan salt. Mix well, and keep the lemonade in the fridge for maximum 5 days.

Drink this lemonade on an empty stomach, 2 hours before or after eating.

Amazing Benefits of Black Lemonade

The Reason You Should Stop Using This Type of Bath Sponge

Are you using this type of bath sponge every time you wash your body? Dermatologists recommend you to throw it away right now, because can be very harmful for your health.

J. Matthew Knight from Knight Dermatology Foundation says that after using the shower sponge, a layer of skin remains attached to it, entering its inner layers. When you leave the sponge in the bath after use, moisture remains locked inside it, causing microbes to proliferate, causing mold and fungi.

Everything happens in a few hours. In addition, if you use the sponge after you’ve shaved with a blade, you can get sick quickly with microscopic organisms that enter into the skin, through small cuts. If you prefer to wash with this sponge, clean it very very well after every wash and let it dry out of the bath. Replace this bath sponge every few months.

The Reason You Should Stop Using This Type of Bath Sponge

Amazing Natural Remedy To Stop Snoring

Nowadays, sleep disorders are very common because of high level of stress, and the lack of sleep of the source of many diseases. Moreover, is very hard to have a good sleep when your partner is snoring all night long. In general, snoring is cause by the excess of mucus, so, by decongesting the respiratory tract can lead to healing snoring.

The remedy that I will present you is very simple to prepare and completely natural. If you have problems with snoring, consume it every night before you go to sleep. Its effects are incredible!


  • 2 apples
  • 1/4 lemon
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 cm of ginger root
  • 1/2 cup of water


This remedy is prepared very very easy. Mix all the ingredients in blender.

How to administrate the remedy:

Drink this remedy 2 hours before going to bed. In this period you should avoid to consume aliments like:

  • processed foods and drinks
  • fried
  • foods that digest slowly
  • chocolate
  • alcohol

After using this remedy, you and your partner will have a very good sleep.

Amazing Natural Remedy To Stop Snoring

Press These Points On Your Baby’s Body To Make Them Stop Crying

Reflexology is a ancient cultural practice originated in China. Currently, this form of alternative medicine appears to be reborn, becoming very popular in the Western world for its potential to treat the symptoms of many physical illnesses.

Because reflexology is one of the most natural and less invasive forms of treatment, this practice is ideal for calming babies. Because they can’t express in words their discomfort or pain, they attract our attention by crying. Reflexology offers an effective way not only to determine what problems the child feels, but also to heal the highlighted problems.

Massage guide for babies

Babies are more responsive than adults to reflexology. This is mainly due to increased responsiveness of touches. When a child feels bad, natural physical response of parents is to embrace it, to caress him on the back and so on. For this reason, reflexology treatment is perfect for babies.

Reflexology refers to applying pressure to certain points on the body, most of them found on the legs and feet. Reflexology practice focuses on the treatment of certain health problems that generates symptoms in certain parts of the body.

Head / Teeth

To treat problems related to head, neck and teeth, it is recommended to rub the tips of baby’s toes. Massaging the toes is recommended especially during growth to relieve dental pain and discomfort of the baby.


In the right central part of the insole is the sinus area. Applying pressure in this region, reduces the intensity of symptoms of sinus operation, runny nose, respiratory problems and colds.


Pingel foot area corresponds to the chest area. The massage in this area relieves pectoral congestions, supporting healing of chronic productive colds or cough. Several medical studies have scientifically shown that reflexology effectively reduces all forms of congestion.

Press These Points On Your Baby's Body To Make Them Stop Crying

This Is What Happens When You Massage This Point On Your Ear

Massage on shoulders, neck or back are among your favorite methods of relaxation. But did you know that there is a point in the body that gives your more benefits than any other massage? The Chinese called the Shen Men point as Heaven’s Gate. Shen Men is a stress point and it is located at the top of the ear. If you massage it, will relaxes you, gives you energy and strengthens the immune system. Pressing right on this point, reduce inflammation and pain will disappear. Use a cotton swab to massage this area of the ear, while inhaling and exhaling.

Sources of stress vary from person to person, and each of us experience the stress in different ways. Once the stress is installed, most of us are left with a feeling of discomfort and a form of anxiety, followed by a feeling of heaviness or pain in certain parts of the body. The first step that each of us we can do to relieve stress is the release of negative emotions. Next step is to eliminate physical effects that produce stress. This is the stage where psycho-reflexology is effective.

Our body contains certain anti-stress points and all you should do is to massage these points. Ancient Chinese doctors mentioned in their ancient history about the “Shen Men” or “Heaven’s Gate” point. Shen Men is an anti-stress point, which decreases stress considerably, increases energy flow and improves the overall health of the body. Also this acupressure point can reduce inflammation and relieve pain in almost every part of the body. Shen Men is located in the center of the upper third of your ear. Massage this point every time before you go to sleep.

This Is What Happens When You Massage This Point On Your Ear

Here’s What Happens if You Massage This Point On The Stomach

Maybe you didn’t know, but there is a point on the stomach that if you massage it, will help you to remove toxins more effectively. This point is also called ” The Sea Of Energy” and it is a key zone that acupuncture specialist discovered.

This point it is located three finger widths below the navel. It is best to stimulate this point if you have a toilet around, because the effect is immediate. Click on this area with your fingers while you breathe deeply.

The process can last from few seconds to 3 minutes, and then you will need to go to the toilet. Research has shown that the massage on this area of the abdomen helps to eliminate toxins more efficiently and has a beneficial effect on the action of bile. This massage helps in a proper digestion, eliminate bloating, abdominal cramps and menstrual pain.

Here's What Happens if You Massage This Point On The Stomach