What Happens To Your Body If You Press This Point For 5 SecondS Everyday

Day by day, we focus a lot on our health. We keep diets, make sports, take vitamins, we go to the doctor and the list can go on. Although exist many modern methods to treat different health problems, we shouldn’t forget about thehomeopathic natural healing methods. One of these methods is acupressure. Let’s find out What Happens To Your Body If You Press This Point For 5 Seconds Everyday!

LR3 point, also called Taichong, seems to be the most important acupressure point because it involves stimulating the liver and remove toxins from the body. This point is located at the top of the foot near the metatarsal bones, between the thumb and the next toe.

By pressing this point for 4-5 seconds, several times a day, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Treat pain: this point is stimulated mainly to treat pain from menstrual cramps, migraines or back pain. This can be explained by simply connecting point liver. So if you suffer from pain, massage this point!

2. Treat depression: most often stress due to inside pressure of organism. Massaging the LR3 point, help in eliminate depression and anxiety, as it is demonstrated scientifically by researchers!

3. Eliminate stress: a massage can do wonders with your mind and your body. Massaging LR3 point, you can concentrate better and can relieve stress, insomnia or anxiety.

4. Stimulates digestion: massage this point can treat nausea, vomiting, dizziness and even indigestion because it stimulates digestion.

5. Parkinson’s disease: a report came from Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation mentions: “Acupressure and especially stimulation of LR3 point is used for centuries to prevent and treat Parkinson’s disease.” Furthermore, stimulating this point, you can treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

6. Sleep disturbances or insomnia: By stimulating this point, you can get rid of stress, anxiety and, more recently, insomnia. Why? Because helps relax the body. Persons who opted to stimulate this point, mention that sleep is much deeper and they feel calm all day. You can try this technique before you go to bed.

What Causes White Hair at Early Age?

The moment you discover these white enemies in the mirror they are probably among the biggest shocks in any woman’s life, like the terrifying moment where you realize that your face is marred by a troublesome wrinkle. But you can discover white hair at an early age. Find out the causes.

Genetics is to blame! – Not all people have white hairs at a certain age! That human equality is a myth demonstrated by the speed which white hairs we appear: around the age of 30 years at Caucasians, about 40 years at Asians and, later, for 50 years at the African- US population. Genetics is to blame for the appearance of early white hairs. If you have such an inclination is found in your genetic code!

You have deficincies of vitamins or minerals – White veil that covers your colored and shiny hair is caused by the aging of hair follicles, but also by their inability to produce melanin in sufficient quantities. The latter factor can be determined by a nutrient deficiency in the body: vitamin B12 and iron are among the most problematic, and their deficiency can lead to early white hairs.

Smoking – Dermatologists believe that smoking is a habit that will alter your whole appearance, not just teeth and skin, also the hair follicles. With wrinkles, white hair, dull skin and even forms of acne, bad breath etc., deserve to smoke?

You are too stresses – Chronic stress will push toward various conditions, and your physique is equally distorted. The first white hairs will proliferate the tension that pushes your body to the limit of resistance. These results were identified during a survey conducted by specialists from New York University.

Surprising Foods That Raise Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular diseases causes shivers of fear as powerful as cancer cause us, but the truth is that these diseases should be present in our nightmares more often, because it causes many deaths, killing slowly and surely. And one of the most obvious causes of their occurrence represents an inadequate diet full of foods that raise blood pressure.

Sea salt – A teaspoon of salt contains about 2,300 mg of sodium and is considered to be the maximum allowed per day for a person with no health problems. People with heart problems should consume less sea salt.  It is alarming that it is propagated misconception that sea salt is healthier and it may be consumed in larger quantities. Experts point out, however, that all types of salt contain as much sodium as others.

Dairy – Who would suspect innocent milk, white as snow, that can cause heart problems? Dairy foods contain natural sodium and is estimated that one glass of low fat milk include 100 mg sodium. Cheese is more dangerous than milk. Mozzarella cheese, Emmentaler, and Swiss varieties are considered to be the less problematic.

Frozen fish and seafood – You always hear how healthy is fish, but you must be aware that this is not generally valid. We can not criticize anything at the fresh fish, but it seems that the frozen fish include, as you expect, sodium, besides the natural content of sodium.

Pizza, ready meals and processed foods – Welcome to the most generous category of food that contains sodium! Starting from the premise that everything is delicious is bad for our heakth, ready meals and processed foods are the biggest enemies of heart health, according to cardiologists.

The Most Dangerous Object Found In Your Bathroom

Specialists warn us that one of the objects found in our bathroom can be quite dangerous for our health. It may seem harmless at first, but we may get sick even if we do not change it frequently. Here is the most dangerous object found in your bathroom and what risks you expose yourself  if you use it a longer time without change it!

When you read the most dangerous object in your bathroom, I’m you thought to the brush you use for cleaning the toilet, but it’s not about it. We know that this information will affect one of the most relaxing rituals of the day, but it is advisable to pull an alarm signal in the future.

Dermatologists warns about the sponge bath. Whether it is manufactured from synthetic materials or from some natural ones, this object is a threat to your body.Do not rush to give up forever to  the sponge bath. No one disputes its benefits related to clean, exfoliate and soften the skin, and also improving the blood circulation. But consider appropriate to change it frequentl.

Specialist Matthew J. Knight, who works at the Institute of Dermatology Knight says that after you remove dead cells from the skin, they remain on the sponge layers. Steam bath promotes bacterial growth in the sponge, providing an environment to develop more bacteria. In this way, you can get an infection in a few hours.

i do not advice throw the sponge bath, brush or exfoliating glove after every use, but to make sure that such items are very well cleaned and that are kept in an environment where they can dry. Change sponge bath every few weeks.

Why Can Be Dangerous To Drink Tea?

Especially in winter, a cup of tea can be the best way to get warm. Tea benefits are also related to the positive effects it has on our health. Some studies have shown that if you drink tea too often, is a less at risk of developing depression, ovarian cancer, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. But why can be dangerous to drink tea?

Certain types of tea contain or absorb toxic compounds from soil, from the environment, from where it is stored or during the drying and packing. Here are the reasons why can be dangerous to drink tea.

Heavy metals – A study concluded in 2013 showed that nearly all teas in stores contain lead. Ingested in large quantities, lead can favor heart disease, kidney disease and even infertility. The study revealed that the teas that are made in 3 minutes are the most dangerous, and those  prepared in 15 minutes contain aluminum.

Fluorine – Even the most expensive teas contain 3 times more fluoride than the limit. It seems that the cause is the technique by which these teas are processed because in this expensive process, but unhealthy, it released a considerable amount of fluoride in plants. Excessive intake of fluoride can affect our teeth, bones and joints.

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids – These toxins are produced by some flowering plants and can have serious consequences on the liver. This discovery is of great importance especially for pregnant women and mothers because their dedicated teas contain large amounts of toxins.

 Carcinogenic sachet s- If you get used to consume tea in stored in tea bags, you should know that these bags are imbued with a carcinogen (epichlorohydrin) substance, which is activated in contact with hot water. Recently, tea bags began to be made of plastics such as PVC or nylon. Unfortunately, these tea bags can release a large amount of chemicals when the water temperature is very high.

What Does Your Ear Lobe Reveal About You

In childhood we always analyzed our earlobe, studying it to see if we have ears of romans or dacian. If the era love was stuck on the head, it was said that you descended from the “romans”, if it was detached from head, then sure you were a dacian. Of course, this story enjoyed us as kids, and those two characteristics of ears lobe are meet to all kind of nations, not just at people who living in the Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic, so it is only a myth.

However, genetics divided ear shape in two categories: the ear lobe attached to the head and ear lobe that is not attached to the head, characteristics that we inherit from our parents, grandparents, etc. Genetic determinism indicates that people who belong to the first category have recessive genes, while those from the second category have dominant genes.

Beyond genetics studies, there were some psychologists and sociologists who analyzed these two physical characteristics, to determine is these two corresponds to a model of personality.

So, people who doesn’t have the ear lobe attached to the head, are independent, generous, persons, with a high self-confidence! They demonstrate a strong personality and wisdom.

People with attached earlobes on the head, indicates a pathological behaviour. Specifically, researchers found that people with this kind of ear have a criminal mind, have antisocial tendencies and are more likely to commit crimes, compared with the other category of people.

Discovery was made in a study conducted in several prisons in the United States. Earlobes attached to the head tell you that you are a free spirit, you know how to impose yourself and how to earn the respect of others.

Things You Should Never Do In The Morning

That annoying moment when we spend complaining about the fact that we must awake to go to work, have more importance than you might think. In many cases, as you wake up, you will spend the day like that, as you started it. Tired, stressed, unhappy or, conversely, cheerful, in a good mood and full of a contagious happiness: which of these scenarios are checked in your mornings? In order to help you to have a beautiful morning and day , here is a list of things you should never do in the morning!

Press the snooze button – Those ten minutes you win by pressing the snooze button may seem the sweetest of your life, but experts believe that you’re about to commit a mistake that will ruin the state of freshness for the whole day. The main problem is the fact that choosing to go back to sleep, you begin a new cycle of sleep that you interrupt it before it ends, what will make you feel tired for the rest of the day.

Stay in crouch position –  Suppose you have resisted and opened the eyes as soon as the clock ring, but decide to remain a few minutes in bed, curled up like an innocent child in the most comfortable position. Experts believe that this thing will fall apart beginning of morning energy, replacing it with a state of weakness that will continue throughout the day.

Enjoying the darkness in the room – In the early morning darkness it seems so natural and comforting that you felt it as a form of pampering. The reason is your tolerance is so high to darkness because you are very sleepy: spending time in the darkness it’s like you do not even have awakened.

Amazing Drink That Clean Your Blood Vessels

Cardiovascular diseases, mainly atherosclerosis, is the first cause of mortality worldwide. Narrows of arteries due to fatty deposits on the inner walls, hampers blood circulation in the body and can lead to a potentially fatal cardiovascular disease development. Most times, atherosclerosis occurs due to a high level of LDL cholesterol in blood, so monitoring the level of saturated fat in the diet must become a priority.

Doctors may recommend treatment with statins in order to reduce cholesterol in the blood, but there is a natural method that will contribute to your health of the circulatory system – fenugreek seeds! Learn how to integrate them into your diet to cleanse the blood vessels!

The high fiber content of fenugreek seeds help to reduce blood cholesterol levels, due to their capacity to delay the absorption of triglycerides. Specifically, soluble fiber from fenugreek seeds increase the viscosity of food reached in the small intestine, partially blocking the process of metabolisation of cholesterol.

Preparing a drink based on fenugreek seeds is a easier process than you thought. In a cup of water, add a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and boil them for 5 minutes. Strain this mixture and then add a little honey to sweeten it. Consume this drink once or twice a day.

Also, you can soak the fenugreek seeds in water and leave them until next day. Next day, consume the seeds and drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, before breakfast. Continue this habit for at least 3 months and your organism will be detoxified and the blood vessels will get rid o the excess of cholesterol.

Are Apple Seeds Poisonous? What Happens If You Eat Them?

Ordinary apple is one of the most nutritious fruit, but few know that has many excellent qualities for our body, but that a certain part of it is toxic. Are Apple Seeds Poisonous? What Happens If You Eat Them?

Apple is rich in vitamins and is a good source of carbohydrates and fibers. Apples prevent some health problems due their healing properties. Are tonic, can be used as intestinal antiseptic, cleanser for the blood and are indicated for asthenia, tiredness, fever, insomnia, nervousness, constipation, being considered a food-medicine.

Apples contain some fiber, pectin, which is regarded as one of the most effective weapons against cholesterol. Besides pectin, apple also contains flavonoids that are able to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. The large amount of fiber makes apples to fight the thickening of the arteries and prevent stroke and heart diseases. Apples also contain potassium, which is important in normalising blood pressure.

All apples maintain normal blood sugar levels and even if it is a sweet fruit, the sugars they contain, mostly fructose, is slowly released into the blood without increasing blood sugar levels. Apples also contain substances called phytonutrients that protect us from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Prevent tooth decay, caused mainly by bacteria.

Apple juice has antibacterial properties and can kill 80% of bacteria. Apples contain vitamin C,and vitamins A, K, B-complex vitamins plus, which helps in strengtheing the immune system.

If you will eat apples, you will have healthy lungs because it helps the body to eliminate the effects of pollution and cigarette smoke.

But beyond the positive aspects, the apple has some contraindications.

Thus, should be consumed with caution in cases of gastritis, colitis fermentation, irritable bowel and chronic diarrhea because they can aggravate symptoms of these diseases.

One thing less known is that apple seeds are toxic. They contain small amounts of amygdalin, a compound of sugar and cyanogenic glycoside known as cyanides. If you have the habit of consuming fewer seeds apple adverse reactions will not occur, but in large amounts can occur cyanide poisoning danger. This danger only when you consume a quantity exceeding a whole cup full of apple seeds. In conclusion, apple seeds are poisonous, but only when you eat large amounts.

Why You Should Never Sleep In Your Underwear

Many researchers agree that we should sleep without underwear to let skin breathe. See other reasons below. Learn why you should sleep without underwear. I know that you heard many time that you should never sleep sleep in your underwear, but do you the reasons?

Avoid humidity
At bedtime it is not recommended to wear underwear, because your skin have to dry and breathe after shower.
Especially if used to wear panties with lace or bikini, intimate area needs a break from rubbing and irritation. In addition, the lack of underwear help the skin to dry, which will save you from potential infections that can spread to the urethra and bladder.

Sleep without underwear
In sleep, the body is restored and your intimate area needs a break from the high temperatures caused by too many clothes, congestion, sweating, etc.
After a relaxing bath or shower, experts recommend to let the body to dry naturally and to sleep without underwear or without clothes  if the room temperature allows you.

Underwear can restrict blood circulation
Synthetic underwear, too tight or with very rigid edges irritate the skin and restrict bloood circulation. Allow blood and oxygen to circulate freely to all tissues.

Absence of underwear can revive your sex life
Regardless of your age and your couple habits, the fact that you walk naked or only in a robe with no underwear, will surely provoke strong reactions.
Your sex life can be reinvigorated by that sees you naked more often and not just only after prelude.

So, from now on, sleep without underwear!