4 Times You Shouldn’t Drink Water (Really!)

Water is all around us, even in our body. Water represents 2/3 of what we are and influences the processes that happen in our body at a rate of 100%. This perfectly explains the well-being feeling after drinking enough water. Water is vital for survival, it keeps our body hydrated and helps us avoid eating too much food. It can also help us burn more calories. However, sometimes we can be wrong when we drink water. Find out the moments when you shouldn’t drink water anymore!

Dizziness, nausea, vomiting – There are cases when excessive water consumption can endanger your health. When drinking too much water, the natural amount of salt in the body is diluted. Your body is deprived of sodium and hyponatremia occurs. Symptoms of this condition are dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes death may even occur. However, hyponatremia doesn’t occur only when we exaggerate with water consumption. It is also caused by certain diseases of the liver, kidneys or heart, but also by medications such as diuretics, antidepressants and analgesics.

Lemonade color urine – How do you know you drank enough water? It is very simple! Forget the 8 glasses a day. We have unique bodies and organisms that need different amounts of water. So, to see if you’ve been drinking enough water, look at the toilet bowl. If your urine has a light color, like lemonade’s color, then you have reached the optimal level of hydrating. A dark yellow color should worry you because it means you are not hydrated enough.

Before and while you eat – A simple way to get rid of calories is to have a glass of water before meal. However, drinking water before and during a meal can create a real discomfort. If you drink too much water, you will feel bloated and your digestion is getting worse.

When you have an intense workout – You lose a significant amount of electrolytes, potassium and sodium through sweat. When you do intense physical exercises, which makes you feel very sweaty, it is essential to replace vital nutrients. Although you will be tempted to resort to energy-specific drinks, abundant in sugar, will not help you too much. The most appropriate drink in this case is coconut water, which contains no calories and is rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium, vitamin C and fiber.

The 10-Seconds Trick That Can Help You Lose Weight

Once the summer comes, every woman wants to look great wearing the lightest clothes or the sexy swimsuits. Although the idea of perfect silhouette seems a myth, it can be reached even with the minimum of effort. There are many ways you can lose weight, without forcing your organism and without getting exhausted. Some of them are available to anyone, so it’s very easy to use them every day. Find out the 10-seconds trick that can help you lose weight.

Although have been made several studies that you shouldn’t weigh everyday, according to a new study published on huffingtonpost.com, daily weighing helps you in weight loss. The study was applied on 40 subjects, and after many observations it was concluded that when people check their weight daily, they tended to lose weight, and when they stop doing this, they start to gain weight again. For two years, subjects that weighed everyday lost up to 5 pounds, and those who weighed weekly lost only 2.5 kilograms.

Even professional coaches recommend that when you wake up and go to the bathroom, get on the weighing. And do this every day. In addition to being able to lose weight, you will have a permanent control over how your body works.

If you want to do physical exercises to lose weight and feel your muscles, try to do plank exercises. It will help you get rid of the fat on your legs, hands or around your belly. All you have to do is lie on your elbows and toes and stay in this position for 10 seconds in the first phase and then more and more depending on your own strength. The muscles will work every second if you position yourself correctly.

Test That Shows You The Health Of Your Heart

Cardiac affections are more and more popular lately, so no wonder we begun to be careful with our heart since ages not so advanced. Measuring your pulse is an act that can save your life. Starting from pulse monitoring, I discovered a test that will tell you, after a few simple measurements and a bit of math (I promise you that will not hurt) if you have a healthy heart or not!

You don’t need more than five free minutes, you don’t need medical equipment or advanced knowledge, but just a drop of attention and possibly the help of a smarthphone or computer!

Doctors are of the opinion that pulse monitoring can save your life, so learning these simple moves will prove very important for your health!

Normally, the pulse is measured in a rest position, sitting on a chair (although in our test we will invite you to play a little). Spread your forearms on a flat surface with your palm up and the elbow slightly raised. Then breathe deeply, inspiring and exhaling deeply to comfort yourself. With the index and middle fingers on the other hand, gently press the radial vein (located at the base of the thumb, on the wrist, between the tendon and the bony plane) and counts the beats of the pulse for one minute.

Let’s  explain the test of your heart!

Using the above guidelines, monitor your pulse for one minute, sitting down, just as I explained you. Note the value on a piece of paper, you’ll need it later.
It’s time for a bit of sport: get up and make a leap for 45 seconds, then take your pulse again, standing for one minute. Write the result on paper.
Rest for one minute and then measure the pulse, in a sitting position, for 60 seconds again. Also writes the resultnumber on paper.
Now it’s time to exercise your math: Sum the three values, subtract from their sum 200, and then divide everything to 10.


Between 1 and 5 –  Congratulations, your heart have excellent health. Continue with your current lifestyle.

Between 6 and 10 –  Your heart works the right way, but it doesn’t hurt to show more care! Especially if your value is nearly 10, you might want to ask yourself if you apply the principles of a healthy life: balanced nutrition, sport, restful sleep and  peace.

Between 11 and 15 –  Attention, your heart is in danger. If you do not want to develop an irreversible heart disease, you have to make a change: it includes healthy foods in the diet (ideal for salmon, oats, berries, black chocolate, nuts, olive oil, red wine, green tea, etc.). Do not forget to practice at least 30 minutes of sports evry day and sleep 7-8 hours per night.

More than 15 – You need to consult a doctor as a matter of urgency, because you may be ill. It’s no joke and although pulse monitoring is not a validated medical test, you shouldn’t ignore its results!

How Do You Test Your Blood Circulation?

How many times didn’t happen to you to complain that you suffer from poor circulation because your feet are freezing during the winter? However, the poor functioning of the circulatory system has far more radical effects than the cold toes and fingers! Find out if you always have cold fingers because you are “sincere”, as they say many people, or because you are really suffering from bad circulation! Our test will help you to figure out!

As you expected, the test we are proposing to you is extremely simple, doesn’t require complicated equipment, just a bit of patience. It may also imply a drop of discomfort, but we are sure you will go over after everything because it’s about your health!
Fill a glass of ice-cold water (if necessary, include some ice cubes, freshly removed from the freezer), then sink your fingers into it. Hold it for 30 seconds and then pull your hand and examining it carefully!

What matters to you is the look of your fingers. Do they look normal or, on the contrary, have bleached or become blue? If your fingers look like in the second case, we will give you bad news: you may suffer from blood circulation problems. Check with your family doctor or a specialist to make sure you have the right result.

Other signs that show you have a bad circulation

Cold ands and feet are among the most common signs that your blood doesn’t circulate properly through the veins. Here are some other signs that should draw your attention:

Numbness feeling –  It’s normal to feel a part of your body numb, especially if you’ve been holding up for a long time an uncomfortable position and blocking blood circulation. If these sensations are, however, common to you, it is likely to suffer from poor circulation.

Frequent fatigue –  No matter how much you rest, you still can’t get rid of the feeling of exhaustion. Causes can be multiple, but poor circulation is one of the most obvious. Private from the nutrients that should be transported by the blood, the body starts to conserve the little energy it has, which results in its inability to sustain itself in certain situations.

You Should Never Wash These Foods!

Since we are little, we learn to wash the food before we eat it, because in this way we can protect our health. Water removes all the bacteria and microbes from our favorite fruits and vegetables and so we are sure that we won’t have any digestive problems and because we protect our bodies from viruses.

Maybe you think that only the fruits and vegetables need to be washed before eating, it seems that the cans have to be rinsed too before opening them, because they contain impurities and other microbes that can get inside when we open it. This also applies to soda cans. In a world full of microbes, it’s weird to learn that there are some foods that doesn’t require washing before they are consumed. Washing these foods can, on the contrary, do more harm than good.

Fresh meat – Alhough you think you have to wash chicken or any other type of fresh meat to remove bacteria and protect yourself from disease, the truth is exactly the opposite. In the case of fresh meat, water can do more harm. It spreads the bacteria throughout the kitchen, even on the surface of your body. When you prepare other dishes on the same surface, you will contaminate it with microbes from the washed meat. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends to not wash fresh meat, such as chicken, sheep, beef or pig.

Salad in the bag – According to the source quoted above, most of the salad in the bag is already washed before packing. These products are good to eat as they are, without any further washing. By rinsing them at home increases the risk of bacterial contamination in your kitchen. These salads are washed about three times, so you do not have to worry.

Eggs – The United States Department of Agriculture doesn’t recommend washing the eggs after you buy them from the store. They are already washed with a special technique before packing, and their washing at home only increases the risk of contamination. The eggs are cleaned from the factory and a layer of mineral oil is applied on their surface to provide protection.

This Is Why You Should NEVER Blow Out Candles On A Birthday Cake

Celebrating a birthday is not complete without friends and without … blowing candles. We make this gesture symbolising that our desire will become reality. But new studies show that the delicate “blowing,” though symbolic, can ruin any party, because it can have negative consequences for those around you and endanger them. How is this possible? Find  out the reason now!

According to new studies, the candle blow can increase the number of bacteria on the surface of the cake by 1400 percents. We are taught to sneeze by keeping the hand on the mouth and not use the objects used by those around us. But nobody teaches us that it is not good to give contaminated cake to our guests.

Researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina have published a study explaining exactly what happens when someone pulls air in the chest and then removes it on the surface of the cake. Scientists used a fake cake on which a chosen person breathed, and compared it to another cake that didn’t come in contact with anyone’s exhaled air and saliva. The level of bacteria on the cake that had the candles blown, as you already suspect, was much higher than the intact cake level.
Although not all the bacteria we are exhale are dangerous, there are some bacteria that can cause illness to those around us. Especially when we are cold, we have a lot of chances to get our guests sick by giving them slices of cake with our bacteria.

Blowing candles must be forbidden mostly in the case of children, who do not have the blowing technique developed so well. Often, the little ones also contain a large amount of saliva, saliva that gets on the cake slices of those who participate at the event.

Why Shouldn’t You Drink Water In A Standing Position?

Drink water! Surely you’ve heard at least once this advice, not just during the summer! Doctors, nutritionists, your mother, your best friends, etc. obsessively repeat the same advice! Being encouraged almost all the time to drink water , we begin to believe that there is no danger associated with the fluid of life. But today you will change your opinion after you will find out the reason you shouldn’t drink water in a standing position.

You risk to get sick with gastroesophageal reflux disease or ulcer

Does it sound too serious to be the simple consequence of the harmless gesture of drinking water just standing on your feet? Specialists believe that this is the beginning of this disease! The cause is representing by the spraying of the esophagus walls, this time with water, which leads to disruption of stomach acids that move downwards, causing gastric burns, reflux disease or ulcer.

You’re nervous and stressed all the time

The signals we transmit to our bodies through simple gestures are more important than they seem at first sight. Drinking water from your feet, not matter how relaxed you are, actually gives to your body the impression that you are hurrying, which disturbs all its functions, but it also alters your mood. Consequence? You’re nervous, stressed, anxious, not even knowing why!

You risk to make arthritis

Yes, you will not get sick immediately if you drink water in a standing position, but the accumulation of fluids in your body in the vertical position will dangerously get you close to this disease. By disturbing this balance of liquids in your body, you will later confront with with back and wrists pain that can degenerate into arthritis.

You can  suffer from indigestion

The digestive system is not affected by drinking water in the vertical position only by the fragility of the gastric walls, but also by the tension of the stomach muscles. Standing up, give the body the feeling that you are on the run and that you have to hurry to digest the food and, along with it, the drinking water. And from here to indigestion it’s just a step!

The Reason You Should Never Brush Your Teeth Immediately After a Meal

We learn the practice of tooth brushing from early ages, and parents teach us to clean our teeth using vertical and circular movements. We know we need to wash our teeth three times a day, but we rarely ask ourselves if we really use the right technique. Today I will present you some mistakes you use to do when you brush your teeth and the reason you should never brush your teeth immediately after a meal.

1. Put the toothbrush back without cleaning it – The toothbrush should be very well cleaned after each use. This tool loads very quickly with bacteria, and if you don’t clean it properly you will reintroduce these bacteria into the mouth at the next brush.

2. Excessive brushing – The brushing time should be between 2 and 3 minutes. Exceeding this duration favors erosion of dental enamel.

3. We apply too much or too little force on toothbrush – If we apply too much force, we can affect the health of dental enamel and gums. If we do not apply enough strength, brushing becomes ineffective and we do not completely remove dental remnants.

4. We wash our teeth immediately after the meal – Ideal is to brush your teeth after 30 minutes after eating. If we wash our teeth immediately after the meal, we risk spreading food acids through the oral cavity.

5. We use whitening toothpaste – Toothpaste with whitening properties damages dental enamel and sensitizes gums and dental crowns.

6. Do not use an appropriate brushing technique – The toothbrush should not be moved horizontally from left to right. The brush should be held at an angle of 45 degrees, and handled using first circular movements, then vertically movements along the teeth so that the brushes effectively clean gums, teeth, and interdental spaces.

7. Keep the toothbrush too close to the toilet bowl – It is a very common mistake, especially in small baths. All the bacteria from the toilet can easily reach toothbrushes and other personal hygiene tools.

8. You don’t change the toothbrush enough often – The toothbrush needs to be changed every 3 or 4 months.

9. You neglect other areas of the oral cavity – Many times, even if we brush our teeth correctly, we forget to clean the tongue and mucous of the mouth. Many dental problems are caused precisely by the poor hygiene of these neglected areas.

What Happens To Your Body When You Lose Weight Too Fast

The desire to lose weight quickly is something that many many people would like to happen. People want to see the results quickly! Dieticians face this problem daily and are are the witness of weight loss failures in a fast way. Organs can suffer severely if  you force the body on such an impact! How do you think your body reacts if you drop 7 pounds in 2 weeks, not in a month?


The main problem that occurs when you lose too much extra pounds is that you lose not just fat but also the water from your body. Dehydration can lead to kidney stones, migraine, or even the development of serious conditions.

Sudden quitting of certain foods from your daily diet may overwhelm the whole metabolism

Our body is constantly striving to maintain a balance and this aspect is very important, especially when it comes to electrolytes. Electrolytes play a very important role in our health, they are the ones who support the heart and muscles to function. When we suddenly give up on certain types of food, our body will suffer a considerable loss of electrolytes, especially potassium and magnesium. This deficiency can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Extreme diets also lead to vitamin and mineral deficiency

For example, if you have too little iron in the body, you can develop anemia. If calcium levels are not enough you can develop osteoporosis. Vitamin D is responsible for the health of hair and skin, so you are probably already aware of what is happening in your body if you opt for such a diet.

Metabolism begins to slow down

When the body suffers from a calories deficit, it begins to be hungry, conserves energy, and so slows down the metabolism. This is the moment when you start to lose muscle, and that’s because you do not consume enough protein. When you do not eat, metabolism begins to slow down and it will make it much harder for you to lose weight.

5 Plants That Attract Positive Energy

We all use plants to decorate our home, office, and other spaces, in order to refresh their appearance. But besides this, many plants are considered very good filters of energy, driving away negativity and attracting beneficial energy. Experts say some plants have a strong ability to attract positive energy, peace and well-being. We should pay special attention to these plants, which must be kept in proper pots and to properly take care of them.


Although it does not look like a positive energy-producing plant, the cactus contradicts expectations. Moreover, it is believed that cactus has the ability to drive away the envy, hypocrisy and malice in the space in which it is present, and to absorb the harmful electromagnetic waves.


This plant is well-known for its healing properties, but it is also used to protect YOU from envy and spells. Mint gives you a sense of peace and, in some people’s view, it also attracts prosperity.


This plant is one of the most popular today, bringing a modern and sophisticated note to the house. But the so-called “lucky bamboo” also attracts positive energy. It is believed that encourage growth and development and that maintain life and purity of soul. If you have a bamboo in your home, the plant will bring you calm and an inner peace.


It is believed that this plant brings happiness and prosperity in relationships, which is why it is also called the “plant of the couples”. It is recommended to keep jasmine in the bedroom or other places where the couple spends most of their time, as it helps to strengthen the feelings of love and strengthens the spiritual relationship.


This plant has been using since ancient times for its medicinal properties. But it is said that rosemary also attracts happiness and love. It is recommended that you keep this plant in a flowerpot but also you can keep bags with rosemary seeds in different places of the house to attract more loyal people in your life.