What does your hair length says about your personality?

How long is your hair? Up to the ears, up to the shoulders? Is it shorter or longer? Did you know that hair length says a lot about your personality? Find out what psychologists say about a person’s hair length.

Pixie look or very short hair
You are a self-confident and a sociable person. You like to flirt. It is very easy for you to make new friends. You like jobs where you use intelligence. You know how to solve your problems with integrity and self-control. Although, there are situations in which you act without thinking.

Bob haircut or above the shoulders
You are a direct person, who always tells the truth, even when it hurts. You can find a balance between professional life and personal life. You are a brave and very organized person. You don’t like routine and you love to experiment with new things. Sometimes you act without thinking and you can sometimes be unlucky.

Lobe haircut or at shoulders level
You are pleased with your feminine, elegant and sophisticated appearance. You like to talk and your beauty attracts the people you meet. You like new challenges and projects. You are an expert in making friends and maintaining friendships.

Long and very long hair
You are a caring, patient and dreamy person. In love, you seek long-term relationships, but you are very selective and demanding person. Fight for your dreams and don’t give up until you fulfill them. Perseverance will help you get where you want.

Hair length and your personality