What do your dishes say about you?

Even if are with models, simple or colorful, the dishes talk about our personality. Here you can find the information that dishes can reveal about your personality.

If you like simple, white dishes, then you are a person very interested in how to prepare and consume meals. That means you chose the white plates to highlight the dishes you prepare and to focus your attention on food. In addition, there is a practical reason behind the decision to have a white dish: if a dish breaks, it can be easily replaced.

The fashion designer Coco Chanel said, “A woman must be in two ways: elegant and fabulous.” This is basically your motto if you chose the white plates with golden details. Although in most homes this type of dish is reserved only for special occasions, for you every day must be full of charm.

The rainbow moved into your kitchen! If you only have colorful dishes, it means you are a happy person who likes to live to the fullest! For you, the best way to start a day in a happy, optimistic note is to eat on plates in vibrant colors.

Yes, we’ll tell you about the floral pattern. For you, the more flowers and the delicate patterns have a dish, the better. For you, life is like a great tea party, or at least you’re trying to live like this, and floral plates turn fantasy into reality.

If you like vintage plates, that means you like history. Buying plates from antiquities stores, they take you to a dinner in the style of past years.

Sometimes, small details are the ones that make the difference, just like the white and textured plates. You know how important small gestures are, so most people who know you, will describe you as being a caring and a good person. You don’t forget any birthday and you always have time to call your friends and family.

If you have plastic plates at home, that means you have kids. When you are a parent, you don’t want to invest big amounts in such products that can break at any time.

Dishes and personality