Ways to make your kid reading during the school holidays

We all know that little ones are looking forward to for the holidays, and when it comes they want to play for long days with other children, or on a tablet or computer. They don’t even want to hear about reading.

It is normal to want to recreate and forget about school, even if sometimes they have holiday themes. But, at some point, they have to read and I’m sure you find difficulties in making your kid to read.

Buy audiobooks
Let us not forget that, for a long time, people gathered around the fire to listen to the stories told by their peers. For children it is more interesting and easier to listen to someone debating stories, and audiobooks are perfect for that. This will open up their appetite for books and, in time, they will want to read them themselves.

Show the little one that you are reading too
The power of the example is unmatched, and the children have the strongest attitudes and behaviors from their parents. If they see you with a book in their hand, captivated by it, they will certainly be curious to find out what’s so interesting there.

Arrange for him a beautiful place for readingĀ 
Children like to stay in places that attract them, and this can be used to your advantage. Set up a tent with two chairs and a blanket, build a fortress from books or just have a picnic in the garden and read something together. Decorate a corner of his room with his favorite heroes or propose a role-playing game where everyone reads a chapter.

Show him some of the scenes in the books as much as possible
If your little one is reading a book about animals, go with him to the zoo or farm. He will be very pleased with this experience and will continue reading with pleasure. These things will increase their curiosity and make them eager to find out more about something they have seen.

First, read the book, then watch the movie together
Nothing can be more interesting to a child than to see the action that read by himself. Children can be easily motivated by this, especially if you promise that they will see all the movies made after the books read during the holidays.

Read aloud
Even if the little ones know how to read, that doesn’t mean that they will, and especially during the holidays. If you read some chapters or stories aloud, children will learn some reading skills and will learn to express themselves more easily. They can also ask for explanations as to the meaning of certain words, which is beneficial to their general culture and beyond.

Ask the child what he is reading
When the little one sees that you are interested in his book, he will automatically involve in the discussion and will try to tell you as much as possible. Pay attention to this and you will see that it starts reading more often.

Kids reading during holidays