Ways To Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally

We are women and we always want to look beautiful but sometimes we cannot afford to make the changes we want regarding our body. False eyelashes are often very expensive and you have to go to the beauty salon regularly for maintenance. Besides the fact that this means for you to have free time it is also an extra cost. False eyelashes are glued with special glue and even if this glue is professional you can still get some allergies from it. Mascara is also not very good for our eyelashes because this can be a good environment for bacteria growth.

I want to show you, girls that there are some natural remedies that will help you lengthen your eyelashes naturally. You just have to take care constantly of your eyelashes.

Brush your eyelashes daily – buy a brush with soft and frequent bristle for eyelashes with pork natural hair and brush your eyelashes daily for 5 minutes for growth stimulation.

Special vitamins – supplements for hair, skin and nails are good not only for hair growth but can also be good for your eyelashes.

Vaseline – the Vaseline you use to hydrate your skin is also good for your eyelashes. You can apply it in your eyelashes by using a plastic brush with hard bristle. They have to be hydrated for them to have power to grow.

Oils – coconut oil hydrates and feeds your eyelashes. You have to apply this oil every night for a month using a clean mascara brush or a cotton weal. Ricin and olive oil are also good for your eyelashes and have to be applied every night for a month as well.

I advise you to try first these natural remedies for lengthen eyelashes and after that to try false eyelashes if you are not very satisfied of the results. I only can assure you that I noticed how my eyelashes got longer and stronger.

Ways To Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally