Ways To Beat Cat Allergies

We know you love cats, but just can’t stand being around them. Do they make you all itchy, sneezing or even short of breath? You may be the victim of some bad allergies. Still, with a few tips in mind you will no longer have to avoid visiting friends or relatives with cats.

Bear in mind a few tips to survive the date easier.
  1. Preparation is the key to success. Always be ready with a pill of antihistamine in your purse. You may never know where you are ending for dinner and if there is a cat involved.
  2. Once you have entered a house with a cat, avoid choosing the soft chair. Soft, comfortable spots are their place of choice as well. Besides, you never know how much cat hair is actually trapped in the fabric. Get yourself a hard wooden chair.
  3. Hand hygiene. There are only two things that help you fight cold and flu as well as allergies- washing your hands and not touching your face. Be careful to always wash your hands if you came in contact with someone that’s been touching a cat.
  4. Do wash your clothes with hot water if you’ve been in contact with a cat! It is a must if you don’t want to transfer some allergens to your own home.
  5. If you are constantly traveling and staying over the night in a household with a cat, invest in an air filter. They are great for removing all signs of cats from the air you breathe. And you will be thankful in the long term.
  6. If you are allergic, but consider getting a cat yourself, look into a medical allergy shot. It is a treatment that involves a series of injections with the allergen that’s troubling you. This may be a bit extreme, but is the answer to ending your allergies and getting you the cat of your dreams!