Useful Tips To Stop Dizziness

Is dizziness something that affects you often? Dizziness is described as a health affection that is described by losing your balance and weird sounds and feelings in your ears. Dizziness can be caused by a lot of things from issues with the internal ears, viral infections, wax in the ear, poor blood circulation, dehydration, side effects from medicine and postural hypotension.

Most of the times dizziness stop by themselves but there are cases when they lead to serious consequences. There are people that are so affected by dizziness that they give up any sport activities.

Dizziness and memory loss that appear when looking down are caused by poor blood circulation to the brain.

Dizziness followed by fainting are signs of heart problems, or vascular accident especially if they are followed by talking issues, poor eyesight and losing control of arms and legs.

If you want to keep dizziness under control follow the advices:

  1. Keep calm and don’t move your head. Wait for your arterial tension to get back to normal. Sit down but be careful not to do any sudden moves.
  2. Search for a balance point. If you feel dizzy, put your fingers on something that is not moving and look at it. Your brain will receive the message that you are not moving.
  3. Slowly move your legs. You need to get your blood moving, because this will get blood to your brain and you will feel better faster.
  4. Don’t adopt a lazy lifestyle, always be on the move. This will help your muscles get stronger.
  5. Wear low heels. This will help your brain process information about your posture and will prevent your inner ear from getting confused.
  6. Keep away from soft carpets. This will make you lose control over the ground and be confusing to your body.
  7. Drink lots of water because dehydration is also a cause of dizziness.
  8. Stay away from salt.
  9. Drink ginger tea, this is a famous treatment for movement sickness.