The Truth About Gluten – It Is Good Or Not?

Gluten is one of the most controversial products of our century. It is still a hot subject of investigation for lots of scientists. The no-gluten diets and movement has become increasingly strong, while it is still not clear whether gluten is truly dangerous. The most recent studies have come up with the conclusion that people who can tolerate gluten, should not avoid it.

The group of scientists from Harvard Medical School are also on board with their own studies and observations in regards to gluten. They feel lots of people have adopted the no-gluten diet hoping it will positively affect their health and cure some health issues they have.

British Medical Journal gathered and published lots of articles that are connected to gluten consumption and gluten benefits and dangers, including the Nurses Health Study started in 1976. Another interesting study was the Health Professional’s Follow-up Study that question the eating habits of over 45 000 people, during the period of 1986 and 2010.

The scientists were curious if their meals affected their heart health. Their discoveries could not connect a low-gluten diet with a lower risk of a heart attack, quite on the contrary, a diet that had gluten in it meant a healthier heart.

Thus, their verdict so far is that gluten should still have its place in a healthy person’s diet plans.

Other scientists all over the world agreed with the discoveries claiming it is the people’s enthusiasm and obsession with extreme diets that makes unhealthy habits so popular.

A good and balanced diet is based on multiple products and vitamins working together for a purpose, and is in no way pushing forward the idea of abstinence from a certain product.

Gluten is not dangerous and should be treated like any other regular food product.

It does not cause, nor does it heal any health issues, it simply maintains a state of balance in the body.