8 Tricks To Make Bikini Waxing Less Painful

Getting rid of unwanted hair is the number one issue every woman remembers daily, and with summer here, even twice a day. Removing hair is unpleasant, painful and a real headache especially when it comes to getting a bikini wax. There are a few tricks, however, that will make it less painful and easier. Read on and remember them when you get to your next appointment.

  1. Shorten the hair. If you wait a longer period of time between getting the waxing sessions, your hair will grow rather long and make it hard for wax or the shaving machine to get it all out at once.
  2. Skin needs to be perfectly dry before waxing. Follow this rule if you want to avoid any particular unpleasant irritations that follow a bikini wax. Use a cotton cloth to remove any trace of water.
  3. Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate! Exfoliation and a deep peeling are the key to removing all the dead skin cells and reaching easier to the hairs that are caught under the skin. This way, the infections are less likely to occur. You find lots of products that will help you exfoliate or you can use some of our tips for natural exfoliation products.
  4. Use a new razor every time you shave! This way you will prevent any infection or irritation.
  5. Use a special shaving cream or foam. Avoid using soap when you are getting a bikini wax because it irritates skin. Choose a special shaving cream that will nourish your skin.
  6. Don’t forget to take care of your skin post waxing. Always end your waxing session by applying a hydrating cream. Use small quantities that you massage well into the skin.
  7. Fix your appointment later in the afternoon because your skin is rather sensible in the morning.
  8. Be careful with the fabric you get dressed into after a waxing. Cotton is the most advisable fabric as it lets skin breathe and does not aggravate irritations.

May you have a pleasant waxing session!