Tricks To Dry Nail Polish Very Fast

Time is too precious to be wasted on minor things, such as waiting for your nail polish to dry. Still, a well-kept manicure requires time, both to be made and to settle in nicely.There are few things more annoying to women than spending time carefully executing all the steps of the manicure and then, having it ruined by touching something, getting dressed or simply grabbing your purse to leave the house.

Luckily, we have put together a list of quick fixes that will serve as great tricks the next time you are in a hurry and still want to look your best.

Don’t worry, these are all things you have at home.

  1. Nail polish dries faster in the cold. So, before you start painting your nails, prepare a bowl of cold water and throw some ice cubes in it. Proceed with painting your nails, leave out to dry for a minute, and then dip in for a minute. This trick helps solidify your polish all the way through.
  2. Another trick involving temperature, is hot air this time around. Use your hair dryer to dry your nails. Gently blow them with the hot air for about two minutes, making sure you give them time to cool down. You will be ready to go in less than 5 minutes.
  3. Spray them with a bit of oil! You can either be prepared with nail-drying spray from the drugstore, or use your own cooling oil, both of them will do the trick just fine. The action is simple, paint, dry for a minute and then spray. There is no further need to wash the oil out, you can massage your cuticles and hands with it. The oil will add a bit of extra shining effect to your manicure.
  4. Use a top coat. Top coats are products that have double effect: they help keep things in place as well as helping the nail polish dry effectively. Don’t skip the top coat if you want a good-looking manicure.