Top 10 Things We’re Doing Wrong During The Day

Have you ever thought that you’re not breathing how you should? Or that the washing machine could affect your life? In this article you will read 10 things that you are doing wrong during the day.

  1. Breathe

We’re breathing like 17.000 times every day and still might be wrong. Experts recommend us to inspire less and deeper.  Diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing helps reduce stress, lowers blood pressure and improves athletic performance, helping to increase strength and decrease fatigue. Most people have a costal breathing, which could be more efficient to us if its improved.

  1. Brushing

First of all, scientist say it is not recommended to wash your teeth immediately after a meal, because the real action is that  the acids attack the enamel. Instead, we should wait like a half an hour, or simple we should rinse our mouth with cold water. Generally, it is recommended to brush our teeth every two minutes, with a soft brush that will not damage teeth or gums.

3. Showering

Washing your hair more times in a week can damage the hair and here’s why: shampooing removes excess sebum, an essential oil secreted by the sebaceous glands which could make the hair more oily than it was. In case of removing the sebum, sebaceous glands compensate and produce more than necessary. Also, a hot shower dry the skin for 20 minutes, consuming about 65 liters of water, and removes many of the “good bacteria”.

  1. Shaving

According to the researchers the myth that shaving frequently makes your hair grow thicker it’s not true. It is recommended to prepare the skin using moisturizing creams and proper techniques and heating, because the blade can spoil the appearance of skin on the face of legs. Finally, experts recommend night shaving and not the morning one because the process makes the skin very sensitive.

  1. Washing hands

According to some studies, only 5% of americans wash their hands properly, so there are big chances to be from the other category. Although “instruction” seem very simple, the most common recommendation is to use soap and warm water  and rub our hands together for 20 seconds, the process involves many details that might not take intor account.

  1. Eating

It seems that we’re eating too much and to fast. Apparently, if you eat too fast, you may block certain chemical signals in the body and consume more than necessary, fact that leads to an increased risk of obesity.


Did you know that stretching before exercise may be harmful, rather than helpful? Apparently this weakens muscles temporarly instead of reducing fever or muscles.  However, experts recommend avoiding daily exercise, three or four session per week is more than enough.

  1. Laundry

Researchers recommend cleaning the washing machine weekly, because it may contain E.Coli, or fecal waste considering  the waste from clothes, especially underwear.

  1. Office sitting

Sitting more than a few hours a day can significantly short life expectancy by increasing the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Scientists recommend offices with many moving opportunities


We spend one third of our lives sleeping so this is an interesting subject. The lack of sleep could affect our memory, learning ability, creativity or emotional skills. For a faster sleeping researchers recommend exercise, a clean bedroom and the autosuggestion.