Tips And Tricks For A Longer Lasting Lipstick

Long lasting make-up that looks fresh is every woman’s dream. A lipstick that will not dry out and last for an entire day and all through the most important meals is also on the agenda.

Still, there are very few fortunate cases when the lipstick lasts longer than a few hours, but for all the others, there are a few tips and tricks that will do just fine! Read on and remember them the next time you want to have perfect lips for the entire day.

  1. This is the first rule for beautiful lips. It is also very important for make-up because dry skin ruins lipstick and no matter how many times you will reapply it during the day, it will still be far from perfect! Buy a few exfoliating lip scrubs or use your own toothbrush to gently scrub your lips. Keep them exfoliated and don’t forget about the lip balms that prevent them from going dry.
  2. Clean lips. Clean lips are a must for an enduring make-up. You should always remove lipstick in the evening. Apply a lip balm 10 minutes before applying lipstick. Also, leave your lips to be the last when you are doing your make-up.
  3. Use a lipstick primer as it will help lipstick last longer. It will also provide a smooth and sticky base for the lipstick. Look for a primer with a waxy texture for the best results.
  4. Invest in expensive and brand products. Cheap lipsticks will fade quickly due to their composition, so when it comes to quality it is worth investing in a product that will last longer on your lips.
  5. Apply two coats of lipstick but with a twist! Apply the first coat then blot with some tissue paper and then apply the second coat. It may seem time consuming but it will help the product adhere better. It will also make the color look a lot more vivid.
  6. Use powder to set your lipstick as a final touch. Dust a fine, translucent powder over the lips that will keep the lipstick looking perfect for hours.
  7. Skip lip gloss if you want longer lasting lipstick. Lip gloss contains oils and other ingredients that dilute the effectiveness of lipstick and break up lip color. It may make lips look shiny and polished, but only for a few hours.