Your Thumb Says A Lot About Your Personality

It is a pity people overlook the shape of fingers and hands. They represent essential body parts and are crucial for a good functioning! More so, the character of people is written in the shape of their hands. Remember a few things that can tell you a lot about a person’s character and pay attention to their hands when you meet someone new.

Thumbs hold a special place in the art of reading characters based on the hand shape.

If the thumb is straight, the owner is a serious person who doesn’t like joking around. He should remember to relax more often. He is also a good example of ambition and power for others.

If the thumb is not that straight, the person is rather emotional and likes to get in touch with his feelings. He is also taking things lightly and likes a good laugh every now and then.

If the thumb forms a 90 degrees angle with the open palm, it is a sign of a down to earth kind of person. The type of person who is not scared to work and can be easily trusted.

If the thumb is flexible, it means the owner is a person that can easily adapt himself to various situations and should take care when trusting people! He is kind to suspect others of being fake of having hidden intentions.

If the thumb is not flexible, it is a sign of a person who does not enjoy changes too much. He is a very careful decision taker and never rushes into things.

You should also pay attention to the phalanx bone. Each thumb has two phalanges.

If the two phalanges are equal in size, the owner is a true leader and a powerful person.

If the top phalange is longer, the person is passionate, perseverant and strong-willed.

If the bottom one is longer than the top one, the person is rather shy, lonely and feels at ease alone or surrounded by familiar faces.