Things You Should Never Do In The Morning

That annoying moment when we spend complaining about the fact that we must awake to go to work, have more importance than you might think. In many cases, as you wake up, you will spend the day like that, as you started it. Tired, stressed, unhappy or, conversely, cheerful, in a good mood and full of a contagious happiness: which of these scenarios are checked in your mornings? In order to help you to have a beautiful morning and day , here is a list of things you should never do in the morning!

Press the snooze button – Those ten minutes you win by pressing the snooze button may seem the sweetest of your life, but experts believe that you’re about to commit a mistake that will ruin the state of freshness for the whole day. The main problem is the fact that choosing to go back to sleep, you begin a new cycle of sleep that you interrupt it before it ends, what will make you feel tired for the rest of the day.

Stay in crouch position –  Suppose you have resisted and opened the eyes as soon as the clock ring, but decide to remain a few minutes in bed, curled up like an innocent child in the most comfortable position. Experts believe that this thing will fall apart beginning of morning energy, replacing it with a state of weakness that will continue throughout the day.

Enjoying the darkness in the room – In the early morning darkness it seems so natural and comforting that you felt it as a form of pampering. The reason is your tolerance is so high to darkness because you are very sleepy: spending time in the darkness it’s like you do not even have awakened.