Surprising Foods That Raise Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular diseases causes shivers of fear as powerful as cancer cause us, but the truth is that these diseases should be present in our nightmares more often, because it causes many deaths, killing slowly and surely. And one of the most obvious causes of their occurrence represents an inadequate diet full of foods that raise blood pressure.

Sea salt – A teaspoon of salt contains about 2,300 mg of sodium and is considered to be the maximum allowed per day for a person with no health problems. People with heart problems should consume less sea salt.  It is alarming that it is propagated misconception that sea salt is healthier and it may be consumed in larger quantities. Experts point out, however, that all types of salt contain as much sodium as others.

Dairy – Who would suspect innocent milk, white as snow, that can cause heart problems? Dairy foods contain natural sodium and is estimated that one glass of low fat milk include 100 mg sodium. Cheese is more dangerous than milk. Mozzarella cheese, Emmentaler, and Swiss varieties are considered to be the less problematic.

Frozen fish and seafood – You always hear how healthy is fish, but you must be aware that this is not generally valid. We can not criticize anything at the fresh fish, but it seems that the frozen fish include, as you expect, sodium, besides the natural content of sodium.

Pizza, ready meals and processed foods – Welcome to the most generous category of food that contains sodium! Starting from the premise that everything is delicious is bad for our heakth, ready meals and processed foods are the biggest enemies of heart health, according to cardiologists.