Super Easy Tricks to Wake Up With Perfect Hair

You probably consider that is impossible to wake up with your hair already arranged, like you see only in movies. How many times you make your hairstyle before to go to bed, in order to have beautiful hair when you wake up in the morning, but the result is reverse? But it’s time to find out that it’s not impossible to wake up with your hairstyle in a perfect way, ready to go to work.

Try these tricks and you will wake up with a perfect hair:

  • don’t go to sleep with your hair wet because the hair are more prone to break
  • if you use hair dryer, always dry your hair with cold air in order to prevent tangling. Also, do not completely dry your hair, leave it a little bit wet, to dry naturally
  • brush your hair every night before you go to bed
  • braid your hair before you go to bed to prevent its tangling and frizz
  • apply a few drops of coconut oil on the tips of your hair to prevent frizz and to give him shine. Do not apply oil to the scalp.
  • mix a little aloe vera gel with mineral water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray on hair every night before bed to give natural pH of hair and prevent frizz it.
  • a drop or 2 of your body lotion  will provide necessary moisture in your hair while you sleep. Apply on the tips, and then brush your hair
  • baby products are better than those for adults. Wash your hair with baby shampoo and apply baby oil on the hair tips before bedtime.
  • if you want to wake up with curly hair apply talcum powder on your scalp and braid your hair. Your hair will look great in the morning.
  • brush your hair and get him in a queue, then cover it with a cap before bedtime to solve the frizz problem
  • hair plastic clips are a better option than metal ones because you will not break hair while sleeping.