Is The Sunlight Safe For Acne Prone Skin?

Sunlight is undoubtedly the number 1 enemy of healthy skin. But researchers have all agreed upon the fact that mild and controlled sunlight exposure is beneficial for the skin, and can in fact cure a number of issues. Acne is one of the most common skin issues, it gives an unhealthy appearance and can cause permanent scarring. Getting rid of acne is the ultimate goal for every person suffering from it and can hardly leave the prayers of all teenagers that have to deal with it.

Over the time, it has been noticed a certain link between sunlight and acne that made a great deal of souls optimistic. The explanation goes as follows:

Sunlight is the main source of ultra violet ray that are famous for their antibacterial properties. Acne is a condition that develops in the presence of certain bacteria. Thus, by drying out the skin, excess oils are reduced temporarily and this helps keep acne under control. Sunlight also reduces redness and inflammation on the skin caused by acne, and this is why during summer, acne can seem less aggressive as it usually does.

Sunlight adds color to the skin, but only under controlled exposure.

High exposure can lead to a lot of other issues. Sunray is a major cause of freckles and age spots, deteriorating the overall skin condition and inducing the signs of skin aging faster.

Still, one should always keep in mind the other side of the coin. Acne prone skin is generally more sensitive to all external factors, and sensitive skin takes the burn of sunlight even more quickly. So, while trying to cure acne, most people can get burnt pretty badly. Don’t be too quick to celebrate the fact that sunlight reduces the problem of excess oil, as it may aggravate the problem in the long run.

The one great news is that sunlight indeed kills off bacteria. The bad news following, is the fact that sunlight kills all kinds of bacteria, including the good one, the necessary bacteria that have the power to fight acne and bad bacteria. So be careful when drying off bad bacteria so as not to kill the good bacteria during the process. This may lead to serious bacterial infections on the skin!

Remember to always use sunscreen and avoid harsh sun exposure if you want to use sunlight as a treatment.

You can also use the trick of placing a cotton cloth over your face so as not to have direct sunlight on your naked skin. Morning sunray is the best, so do trade in a few hours of sleep for some healthy sunlight intake!