Stretch Your Ring Finger With Your Thumb And Something Amazing Happens

Did you know that it is possible to achieve a state of peace and harmony using only hands? In yoga, this finger position is called “mudras”. It is believed that happiness can be achieved using it. In this article you will find out how to use this technique and the explanation.

The explanation for this technique is that your fingers contain a lot of nerve endings. When you press in a certain way helps us to connect channels that allow energy to flow through the body.

Healing Mudra (Mudra earth)

For starters, touch your ring finger tip to tip of the thumb, then press the two fingers into each other, keeping the rest of the fingers extended on top.


– This mudra balances the Earth element in your body.

– Improves body weight, blood circulation, digestion and problems associated with vitamin deficiencies.

The word mudra  is a gesture that indicates a position of the eyes or body, but also a breathing technique (Pranayama). But also it means the position of the hands. Mudras are the physical expression of an inner behavior. Considered “power fingers points” can be made anywhere in any position – lying on the ground, standing or walking. These gestures aimed at strengthening the mind and concentrating energy in a fixed location so the body to induce a certain mental state.