Why You Should STOP Using Hand Dryers In Public Toilets

Hand dryers found in public restrooms contain more bacteria than paper towels. You are surprised? Most people use these dryers because they think will be safe from bacteria. Nothing could be more untrue! In this article you will find out the reason you should stop using hand dryers in public toilets!

Recently, it was conducted a study on the two methods that people use to dry their hands in public restrooms – paper towels and drying machines.

Participants in the study were asked to wear gloves, wash their hands and then dry them using these methods. After an analysis, it was found that there are more bacteria on the gloves that were dried using automatic dryers.

The explanation is that inside of these devices, over time, the bacteria find their ideal home  to develop – heat and moisture – an ideal environment for their development. When the power is on, they are scattered at a fantastic rate and what is the place where they end? Exactly on your hands!

So, next time you will go to a public toilet, better you choose to dry your hands with paper towels.