The Secret Of Turkish Women’s Perfect Skin

Turkish women hold a remarkable fascination over the entire world due to their natural beauty and ways of enhancing it. Their oriental beauty seems to be straight out of the “1001 nights” story and the way they make use of natural ingredients to attract attention is beyond praise.

Turkish women are not big fans of modern technologies, their secret weapons are the traditional methods that have been passed on from generation to generation.

We have prepared a list of some of the best kept secrets, so now, you can enjoy the oriental tricks to enhance your beauty.

  1. Rose water. Turkish women have to thank rose water for their smooth and silk like skin. They spray it on every morning and enjoy its benefits all during the day. Rose water is a natural tonic and offers a healthy glow. The recipe to prepare it at home is really easy: choose rose petals and pour a glass of water on top, leaving it overnight. In the morning, remove the petals and prepare the other half of the mixture. In a different vessel boil another glass of water with petals, wait for it to cool down, and then mix it with the other half. You can use the resulting mixture for up to three days, don’t forget to make a new mixture so as to fully enjoy its benefits.
  2. Fruit and vegetable skin. Turkish women don’t throw away the skin of fruits and vegetables, knowing how full of vitamins and nutrients they are. Here is how to enjoy the same benefits at home: peel whatever fruit or vegetable you have nearby (apple, banana, cucumber, avocado, peach, orange, lemon), and massage your face with slow circular moves. This will have a double effect: as an exfoliator as well as feeding your skin with vitamins.
  3. Turkish yogurt is famous for its taste and it comes as no wonder that so many Turkish dishes have it as an ingredient. Turkish women like to prepare a face mask with a few lemon drops and yogurt spoons, which they later on apply on their face and body, feeding their skin and keeping it firm and smooth.