Salt-Free Cooking Tricks That Help Food Taste Better

Salt is tasty, but salt is not healthy. Salty food comes with side effects in the long term.Try to switch to salt-free cooking if you want to stay away from high blood-pressure and increased water retention.You will be amazed at how delicious salt-free food actually tastes and will discover different flavors. Adopt the salt-free cooking techniques and be ready for delicious food that will no longer compromise your health.

  1. Spice it up: removing the salt does not mean reducing the flavor. Turn towards spices like crushed red pepper, oregano or salt free herbs and spices. They are also free of calories and you can add as much as you want with no fears towards your silhouette.
  2. Add acids: acids such as vinegar amp up a meal’s flavor. So instead of getting your hands on salt, add a few drops of balsamic or red wine vinegar to your pasta or salads. Go further and spritz a citrus on your grilled chicken.
  3. Sprinkle on seaweed: this underwater algae is a miracle product, offering unique taste to any dish it gets into. Have you ever tried seaweed sprinkled popcorn? It is to die for. Look for dried versions of seaweed in stores, and don’t hold back from sprinkling it on top of everything.
  4. Mix it up! Savory food is not always about the ingredients, sometimes the method counts as much. Try new cooking techniques to get the best out of your food. Instead of simply steaming your veggies, try grilling or slow-cooking them to intensify their flavors and transform their texture. This will give you room for discoveries.

Cooking is all about fun and experiments! Don’t be afraid to try anything new and step out of your safe cooking zone! You may be surprised by all the new flavors you’ll discover!