Rules For Looking Better Without Makeup

Nature will always be in fashion! Nowadays, many women spend a fortune on makeup products and lose precious time to make a flawless makeup in order to create a natural look. What would you say if you will use some beauty tricks that will get rid of this chore, and your face will radiate beauty without makeup?

Fold your eyebrows – Surely, eyebrows stand out on a face without makeup, so you have to pay special attention to them.

Highlight your eyes – Do not use mascara or eyeliner! For more penetrating eyes, use a eyelashes curler, then apply a little transparent gel on them. Of course, you can also use eyelashes extensions, but we’re already out of the natural sphere.

Whiten your teeth – A perfect smile is the best makeup you can wear! So take care of your teeth, go to the dentist and solve your problems, but do not forget about the professional whitening, which gets rid of the yellowish stains from your teeth. Keep your teeth white by washing them with a whitening paste and try to avoid foods that stain your teeth.

Do not forget about the lips – Exfoliate them and moisturize them to enjoy a beautiful look! Use an emollient lip balm or replace it with a drop of olive oil. Massage them weekly with a toothbrush that use a scrub made by a little sugar to remove the dead cells.

Take care of your hair – The hair with damaged ends or the one with white hairs is not desirable for a fresh look and is an unforgettable appearance. Go to the hairstylist, change your haircut or shorten the split ends and choose natural hair dye color.