How To Repair A Broken Nail

A well-kept manicure is essential for women all over the world, but nails are so sensible and could break any minute, especially at any wrong time. Have you ever been in the position of having to ruin and shorten your entire manicure just because one nail broke? Fortunately, we have the best trick to spare your precious nails from any future incident, a trick that will help you keep your nails’ length in spite of any accident.

The equipment for such an action is pretty simple, and you don’t need anything that your household does not already have, all you need is your manicure base coat, empty teabag, scissors, nail polish and top coat.

The next step is to prepare the teabag, start with emptying it and continue with cutting out a piece of it similar in size and shape to the nail you are going to fix.

Following that, apply the base coat over the material to add it a bit of structure and then place it on top your nail, until it sticks in its place, apply a second layer of base coat.

As soon as it dries off, apply two layers of nail polish and finish the entire procedure with a top coat that will complete the look.

The trick consists of the fact that the teabag material is thin but strong and together with the nail polish creates the impression of a real nail. You can make use of the trick while your real nail is growing out, enjoying your long lasting manicure.

So, remember the teabag trick the next time you find yourself in the situation of having to give up your lovely manicure all because of one broken nail. Don’t compromise the beauty of your fingernails and keep their length and shape intact with this one, useful and easy teabag tip.