The Reason You Should Rub Your Hair Using a Paper Napkin

A perfect hair do, shiny and smooth is something any woman dreams of. But very often that requires a lot of financial support and investment in expensive styling products.Still, there are lots of alternatives that are absolutely free of charge yet full of results! The first trick we are going to present to you is the one of a simple napkin. A paper napkin to be more precise.

You can use the paper napkin if you’ve dressed or undressed and your hair got itself an electrical charge. Just rub gently your hair with the paper napkin and see the static electricity leave your hair looking smooth and put together.

Keratin is a good insulator and this is why after friction with certain materials, hair gets an electric charge that makes it flyaway in all directions.

Other ways you can deal with static flyaway are using styling products that will fight this.

Use a leave-in-product. It can be either a special anti-static leave-in or a simple one. The thing is these products have ingredients that conduct electricity better than silicones or oils and are better static fighters.

Improving the condition of your hair will also do wonders. Dry and damaged hair is more likely to be drier and will be easier for the static charge to be build up. Try to avoid hot water on your hair and always use a conditioner. It will help if you would let your hair to dry out naturally instead of forcing it with an electric hair dryer.

Replace your plastic comb with a wooden one. Or a simple brush. This is the best advice since neither the wooden comb nor the brush conduct electricity and having them near your hair does not increase any static charges.

Still, keep close that paper napkin or dryer sheet to smooth out your hair in less than a minute!