The Reason Why Fried Vegetables Are Healthier Than Boiled Ones

When it comes to vegetables, everyone knows that fresh or boiled vegetables are the healthiest, and the fried ones are harmful, though they taste much better. It looks like everything you knew about fried vegetables was wrong. It seems that fried vegetables are healthier than boiled vegetables. Find out why!

A study conducted at the University of Granada, in Spain, tried to identify cooking methods that eliminate the properties of phenols and antioxidants in most Mediterranean vegetables. The experiment consisted of cooking 120 grams of potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes and eggplant in various methods (frying, sowing, boiling in water and boiling in a mixture of water and oil).

The results were amazing. Frying vegetables had an increased phenols (substances that prevent cancer, diabetes and loss of vision). If the fried vegetables already had a high content of phenols, the ones fried in extra virgin olive oil, this content is even higher.

The only disadvantage is that fried foods have an increased volume of calories, because this cooking method increases the amount of fat.
Boiling cooking methods preserve the properties of the food only if the water in which they are boiled is consumed.