What Really Happens To Your Body When You Sneeze

Scientists have been studying the human body for thousands of years to understand as many of its functions, but our body is always  proving to be a surprising machine. The banal sneeze, with which we are all so familiar, conceals a surprising secret. Specialists have come to an amazing conclusion.

During sneezing, all body functions stop, including the heart. What is the explanation?

An sneeze begins with a feeling of tickling at the end of the nerves that sends a message to the brain that needs a release of an irritating thing that is in the mucosa of the nose. To begin with, we will deeply inspire, which will strengthen the chest muscles. The air pressure in the lungs increases, we close our eyes, the tongue will press the palate, and then the air will quickly come out on the nose.

The pressure in the chest that changes during sneezing also changes the blood flow, and the heart ¬†“jumps a heartbeat” according to cardiologist Richard Conti.

It is also interesting that a sneeze leaves the oral cavity at a speed of about 250 km / h, this is the reason why it is dangerous when we try to control it. If it’s too strong, it can break a coastline. Also, if trying to retain the sneeze, a vein can break, which can have fatal consequences.