Put Lemon In Refrigerator And Will Change Your Life

It is well known the great benefits of lemon for our health and beauty. You can use lemon in many natural remedies, both for your beauty or health. But refrigerated lemons have much more proprieties than you ever imagined! If you put a lemon in refrigerator, their proprieties change an have an effect with 10.000 more effective than usual.

New research give to citric fruits another importance in relation to prevent breast cancer. More and more researchers sustain that we have to use the hole fruit, with the peel too, not for the taste, but for its proprieties.

According to studies, lemon’s peel contains from 5 to 10 more vitamin than the juice. The peel helps to eliminate the toxins from the body. It was demonstrated that lemon has an increased efficiency to reduce the present cancer cells from the body. Medics estimate that this method is 10.000 times more efficient than classic chemotherapy.

The effective is more intensive when you add baking soda. All you have to do is to buy some lemons, to wash them very very well and to put them at the refrigerator. After lemons freeze, grate them or chop them in very small pieces, without taking off the peel. After the result thaws, use the lemon as much as you can in your alimentation. You can put it in salads, ice cream, cereals, soups, spaghetti etc. Do not expect will be struggle. Lemon will add a very good flavour to your food.

Lemons are beneficial in treating cysts, tumors and internal parasites. It also regulates blood pressure, helps to cure depression, combat stress and nervous disorders.
One of the bestĀ global drugmakers testified that the freezing process can turn on the lemons citrus properties to fight cancer and inflammatory diseases.
More than 20 laboratory tests conducted since 1970 confirms the effectiveness of this remedy.

Put Lemon In Refrigerator And Will Change Your Life