Put A Wet Napkin On Your Hair Brush And The Result Will Amaze You

If you desire a wonderful hair, all you have to do is try a simple trick. Put a wet napkin on your hair brush before combing your hair. The results are amazing. You will try this unexpected method all the time. Here’s what this is about. 

What happens if you put a wet napkin on your hair brush before combing?
All you need is a hair brush and a wet napkin to have nice and arranged hair. Use this trick in the morning or whenever it is needed. After you brush your hair with the brush where you put the napkin, your hair will look very good. It will be arranged and electrification of the hair will be avoided. In addition, your hair will have a pleasant smell due to the napkin.

Also, to avoid electrifying your hair, it’s good to be a little wet before you arrange it. And if you use a hair dryer, it’s advisable to be a modern and professional one. It’s recommended to use a ionic hair dryer, because this reduces the production of static energy.

Below you will find a video showing the effects of this trick. There are also other tricks that you can try. They will help you in your everyday life. Here’s what this is about: