Put a glass of salt water and vinegar in your home and see what happens

Do you want a house full of positive energies? However, it is almost impossible to all eliminate negative energy sources. But vinegar and salt have miraculous effects in this regard. Put a glass of water with salt and vinegar in your home and see what happens in 24 hours. Here’s how to use this trick.

You need:

  • a white transparent glass
  • gross salt
  • water

In the clean and dry glass add a tablespoon of salt and fill it half with vinegar, then fill it with water. Put one glass in each room in a place where it’s not visible. It has the role of absorbing the negative energies in the room. Check the reaction from time to time. The water level may rise and fall, so it is advisable to keep the glass on a plate or on a tray. After 24 hours, wash the glass and repeat the procedure until the water stops flowing out. This is a sign that you have cleaned your home from negative vibrations.